Marvellous Marbling Art Called Ebru For You To Do Quite Easily

The thing is that most of us see art as something that is deliberate and thought out and done with a lot of skill and care. And this definition of art is definitely true but it does not encompass the whole range of possibilities that art gives us some of which, do not require as much skill or raw talent. One of these is the simple marbling art that is called ebru that produces art that looks complicated without having an involved or difficult process. We are not saying that this process does not need thought or skill, it is just that the thinking and the skills are not on the same level of arts like painting or sculpting, that is all. This could be one of the elegant wall painting ideas for your beloved home that you can do with your own hands instead of getting done by others or purchasing expensive paintings. Or if you want to be really adventurous when you are throwing a special dinner party and are looking for ways to decorate your dinner table for maximum advantage, then you can create a dining table cloth using this technique.

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This way you can have a particular color theme in all your arrangements for the special dinner and the same colors can be used to marble the cloth that you will spread on your table for that night. On less ambitious level, it could be among the crafts for children and among some ideas to keep them busy during the holidays to teach them how to do this. But be sure to use non toxic paints while you do so and that your kids take the necessary precautions during the process and that they do it under adult supervision.

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Coming back to ebru or marbling, you should be aware of some basics before you get started. First of all, the origin of this technique is part of Turkish art and was mainly used on paper. The process involved pouring either oil or water based paints into water that had a bit of oil in it and then stirring it a bit to create freehand patterns and then carefully dipping a piece of paper into this and lifting out and letting it dry for the marbling pattern to appear. While this art started with paper, the artists started using fabrics as well to create such work. And soon specific tools were used to stir the paints and create delicate patterns.

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If you remember the childhood game of squeezing out tubes of water paints on to a paper and then folding it in half and using your hands to spread and mix the paints and then opening the paper and placing the wet paper with the pattern on to create a design on another surface, then this is not at all unlike that. The only difference here is the paints used here are intended to be the kind that last and as time evolved, the artists would try and control the designs. To do this, thin sticks would be used and the artists would try and control the paints diffuse so that even and reasonably symmetrical patterns were created.

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As you read this, you will also realize that this technique can also come in handy while creating things like nail art or even trying to dye an old scarf to give it a new look. We request you to look at the images we have provided along with the article so that you glean the possibilities and scope of this art for yourself.


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