Psychological Life Hacks To Enhance Your Art Of Living

They say that living well is an art and for that to happen, you have to be cognizant of several things. If you have experienced a sample of all that life has to offer and met with a good mix of people and observed the way they live their life, then you will agree that having some psychological hacks can help you live better. The art of living well is not unlike other forms of art. For instance, something as simple as smart space saving ideas for your home can have a profound effect on the way you live your life. Or for that matter take the art of cooking and find out how it helps in overcoming negative feelings.

The joy you get by looking at miraculously detailed and mesmerizing miniature paintings cannot be equated with the joy you feel at using the hacks we have given below but they will definitely make your life happy. Here are some psychological hacks that will give you a subtle edge in dealing with your life:

When you ask someone something and you find that their response does not cover what you wanted to hear, all you need to do is stay quiet and keep looking at them. They will soon be filling the gaps.

In a group of people, glean emotional affinity that someone has to someone by looking at people as they laugh. Most people will look at the ones they like the most when they laugh.

To get a joyful vibe from someone you have met, all you need to do is give out the vibe yourself so that they reciprocate, if not immediately, then in time

addressing a crowd

When you feel nervous about addressing a crowd, chew some gum and this will cheat your brain from feeling more secure and less nervous as it feels that the danger is over.

When talking to someone, look at their feet and this will indicate their real interest in talking to you because while their upper body may be turned to you, their feet will give their lack of interest away.

angry conversation

Stay calm in the face of someone’s anger to shame them into becoming calmer

When on a first date, do something that will have their adrenaline running to ensure that they feel as excited during the date as you are to be with them.

Make people feel good and they are more likely to remember you than what you said to them. To do this, simply show interest by asking them questions about themselves.

Slip in a bit of truth even when you lie and this will make the lie even more believable.

smiling guy

Smile widely to start feeling good instantaneously but don’t do it while staring at people so that they don’t get creeped out.

On meeting someone, use their name several times in a natural manner during the conversation to make an instant connection with them.

Teaching someone else like a new language that you are learning makes the learning process easier and quicker.

You can see that most men will end a fist fight with right hook which is instinctive for them

making a request

Instead of making a request, it is best to make the request sound like an offer to make them agree with your suggestion.

Most people are hyper aware of the way they touch others and if someone does this and pretends that it is unintentional, then know that they are aware of it.

During an interview, make sure that you ask the people interviewing you a lot of questions that will have them talking about themselves. This will make them feel good and also ensure that they go away with a feeling that the interview with you went very well.

The chances of your relationship with someone will work better if people in your social and family circle gets along with them.

cracking a joke

If a person makes snide joke at your expense, make them repeat it more than once by pretending that you did not catch what they said the first time and this will make the joke less funny and lose its effectiveness.

The best way to judge the character of a person is by observing how they behave with people that are known to them.


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