Compelling Korean Watercolours Art That Touch You At An Emotional Level

While we like to believe that art has no boundaries and it does not, it is definitely affected by the cultural influences surrounding it. This is because artists are humans too who have to live in society though they like to believe that they are beyond social norms, do get affected by the influences around them. The fact is art has a lot to do with the senses that we have and this comes from the things around us as well as the creative gene that we have in us. That is why we are going to be talk about a particular ethnicity and the influence that it can have on a particular type of art. Yes, we are going to be talking about Korean watercolors in this particular article. As you know, watercolors have a distinct identity of their own that is different from oils and acrylics not only in terms of the way it looks but also in the way it is treated and the techniques that we use to get the best results from it. You have to look at inspiring watercolor posters an art form that is simple and pretty to get an idea about what we are talking.






The first thing before you start looking into special types of watercolor and the many influences it has, you should look at watercolor paintings and know more about them. The best thing about watercolors is that it is pretty easy to work with and it will come in handy if you make an effort to learn some of the best abstract painting techniques so that you can work on that type of work if that is what moves you.






Here are some aspects that will allow you to make out that a painting is a Korean watercolor:

It could have delicate flowers: The thing that could stand out when you look at Korean watercolor art is that it shows flowers that are belong to the place. Small delicate blossoms in vibrant colors seems to be the theme running through many of the watercolors of this sort. You could also be able to make out distinct birds and flora of the area that will add more to the Korean flavor. The strokes will have to be delicate and precise to be able to show the birds and flowers of the kind we are referring to.






The people look Korean: You have to admit that people of this place have a beautiful and delicate countenance and this comes through in the paintings. The people are also shown as dressed in the traditional clothing that though not prevalent today may have been worn by the people in the past. Even the body language of the people in the watercolors is a dead giveaway of the origin of the people.






The places have a Korean feel: Though art comes from the imagination and creative well that is in each artist’s mind, they are definitely influenced by the local surroundings. That is why you may see that Korean watercolors tend to depict the local kind structures and even the nature in the pictures may have different feel from the way paintings from other places could have.





You see a lot of white: One of the glaring things that comes through in Korean watercolors is the use of white to create a clear background for what they want to paint. This somehow seems to be the common factor in most of the paintings and it seems to make the paintings look even more distinctive and striking.


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