Colors And The Impact They Have On Art: 25 Colorful Pictures

Where would art be without color? In fact, what would life be without colors? One can say that both life and art would be colorless, but that would not even begin to describe how dull it would be. Life itself becomes interesting only with the presence and judicious use of colors and this will even be acknowledged by people who spend their time to learn about pastel colored arts, after all even pastels are colors nevertheless.

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Even nature is beautiful and inspires so much of art due to colors among other factors. That is why art borrows from nature and this comes out in the form of the art of flower arrangement and the beauty of it. In fact the use of color is so pervasive in all forms of art that even utilitarian art like the art of candle making, has color in it. One may of course argue that art is beautiful even in black and white and this is true too, but the fact is black and white art is only appealing when viewed in contrast with art that has colors.

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The presence, the importance, the use of color and the absolute dominance of color in art will become clear to you with the following points:

Color dominates art and life: The fact is color can actually make something that is not really an artwork seem like art due to its sheer presence, like when you come across of skeins of thread or wool intertwined so charmingly. If that is the case, can you imagine the impact it will have when a artist with an eye for colors and art does some work using them.

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Color is important for shadows and lights: When you look at stained glass art, you realize that the artists who visualized and created this art, took into account not only the color on the stained glass but also the way the colors fall in shadows. Even this has its own charm.

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Color need not always be bright to make an impact: The beauty of colors is that there is a huge range to choose from and this means that the impact that color makes is not only from its brightness, but can also make an impact in its duller forms. That is why colors that are muted also manage to pack a big punch.

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Colors need not be orderly to create art: While getting colors to blend and fall in line is one way of creating an artistic impact, some artists have also made use of riotous colors to make art works that carry a lot of impact. In fact, many modern artists have given free rein to the use of colors to create art that is colorful and memorable.

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The mere presence of colors can lift the mood: Many artists as well as those who are into commercial art are aware of the fact that color can lift the mood by its mere presence. That is why things like candy have borrowed colors to make an impact and are part of the selling point.

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The contrast of monochrome art cannot be discounted: The fact is that color has a big impact on art with their presence but did you know that they could also have an impact due to their absence? It is true, and this point is proven by the contrast created by black and white art or art that is monochrome.

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Color, no doubt has a big role to play in art and other aspects of life. In fact, it would even be fair to say that even mother nature has made use of color to make her creations more interesting.


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