Primitive And Descriptive Cave Paintings

When was art born? Have you ever thought about art in that aspect? Was the birth of art incidental or something that came about due to deliberate thought and action? We are sure that the answer to this would be difficult to come about since there have been examples of early art that is also understood to be a recording of the happenings of that time. That is why when you look at cave paintings, they not only please the senses, but also tell you a story and provide you with information of times past. One often wonders if cave paintings come from the incidental art of doodling and why it is so fascinating but it is difficult to really conclude in any case. Cave paintings are often have been the subject of much study by historians and archeologists to find out how people of the past lived their lives.

cave paintings 1

cave paintings 3

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It is not quite like superb landscape art to keep the outdoors with you at all times, but it does bring a slice of history that makes the past come alive with you. Each culture of the past has shown us how life used to be in those days when technology and the comforts of life that are available today where not there for people to have. They hunted, fought, they created and still lived a full life. It is not quite like the unexplainable but exciting world of shadow art but each tells a story in its own unique way. Who knows but it could have been the play of shadows and light that inspired people of the past to come up with the concept of cave paintings.

cave paintings 8

cave paintings 9

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Just imagine life then – food was not easy to come by and neither was clothing, shelter or warmth. It is down to the ingenuity of people then that they not only fought the elements and each other in many instances and still find ways to leave their stamp in the world. We are not sure why they did it but it is very probable that they felt this was a way to record their lives for future generations to know about. It could also have been due to the fact that they liked cave art because it was appealing to their senses.

cave paintings 13

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cave paintings 18

You should also know that they created this art without the benefit of art supplies that we have access to today so easily. It is a credit to their persistence that they discovered ways to draw and paint on caves with the use of charcoal and dyes that they extracted from plants around them. When look at a work of cave art, either a painting or a sculpture, the first thing that strikes us is what it is trying to depict.  Then it would probably strike us as to how a few stark lines have been used so effectively to depict something so descriptive. Then it would strike you that people are people no matter what generation they belonged to.

cave paintings 19

cave paintings 20

cave paintings 21

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cave paintings 23

The thing is people even back then felt that they needed something beyond the mere necessities of life. They created codes and languages and ensured that the future generations could see what they had done. We see indications of scientific minds that even then wanted to explore the world beyond earth. They wanted to create codes and languages in the form of hieroglyphics that even now astound us.

cave paintings 24

cave paintings 25

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cave paintings 31

When you look at the images of cave art that we have given here, we request you to look beyond the visuals that have been depicted in them. We want you to respect the thought that has gone into them.


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