The Incidental Art Of Doodling And Why It Is So Fascinating

What? Is doodling really an art? If a person were not really aware of what he or she is drawing, then would the results still be considered art? Yes, of course, in fact, most art comes from a level of the mind that we are not conscious of having. Doodling art is the result of the scribblings of people when they are not even aware of doing it. But just because they are not aware of doing it, does not mean that it is not worthy of being considered a type of art. Have you ever stepped into a café or another joint to be fascinated by the doodle art on the walls of the place? We are sure you have and if you have not seen such forms of art, then we are sure that you will be when you see it. It could be one of the creative small room decoration ideas to make it work for you.

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While we know that many doodling artists like the freedom of having a vast space like an entire wall at their disposal to work on, it does not mean that doodling cannot be done on a small surface. For example, you could look at colorful coffee mug ideas to choose from and pick one with doodling art on it. Unlike proper and pretty paper quilling ideas, the doodling art is more of a spontaneous process that flows without much organizing.

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Here Are Some Points On Why We Think Doodling Art Is So Fascinating And Worth Mentioning:

It comes from the subconscious mind: There is many an artist that has been surprised to see what they have come up with when they look down at what they have come up with. The subconscious mind can have some interesting insights to offer rather than when art is a result of a carefully thought out process. We are not trying to reduce the value of any type of art, but it is just that doodling can produce some unexpected results.

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It depicts the current social and political state: Many a doodle depicts some deep and underlying causes of the social and political state of affairs without becoming too deep and serious about it. The fact that doodle art can make even a dry topic come alive due to the way it is represented has to be counted as a virtue.

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