Gleaming And Glowing But Delicate Glass Sculptures

Though glass has this brittle quality that makes it shatter on being dropped or getting scratched when handled roughly, there is no denying that it is beautiful. That is why many artists have dabbled with it and created various works of art in different forms. You just have to look at the stained glass works of art to know that there is no denying the beauty of glass and the way it is a good medium for an artists’ imagination. That is why even today you will come across avid collectors of exquisitely delicate glass sculptures that seduce you to buy them with their gleam and glow. You may have watched many a documentary on the amazing art works created by blowing glass. Though dangerous and difficult, this process does keep you hypnotized at the way the artist melts what is essentially sand to create such works of art.

glass sculptures 1

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Some of us have even taken what would have been an ordinary glass object and learned about painting on glass which is a fascinating art project to create lovely objects. The more we look at lovely glass sculptures the more inspired we will be to have a go at making if not the same at least glass objects that are equally good looking. If you want to use alcohol ink on glass, then you can learn how.

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The more we look at glass sculptures, the more tempted we are to possess them. At this juncture, we think it would be prudent to mention that they are not only expensive but also fragile. You also have to factor in maintaining these objects by cleaning them and even repairing them if necessary. Don’t be disheartened if you cannot own a lot of these right now you would still find the process of creating these glass sculptures fascinating.

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Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Ways In Which Glass Sculptures Are Created:

By glass blowing:  This is not at all a simple or safe process but many artists who work with medium still dare to use it. It involves a pipe at the end of which the raw material is placed, melted, blown and shaped. It is probably more dangerous than it sounds not to mention a process that is painstaking and involving a lot of skill and patience. Different color stains and shapes are worked into the glass while it is still molten before cooling it off.

glass sculptures 14

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Sculpting while the glass is hot: In this method the glass is blown into roughly the form that the artist is aiming at and then the artist actually sculpts the artwork. This process is very useful when the artist is aiming to make a bigger artwork in size. And this does not involve the artist actually having to blow the glass. But this does not mean that the artist does not have to exercise safety precautions, because he or she has to do it.

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Cold sculpting: In this method, as the name suggests, the glass is shaped as much as possible during the blowing process and then allowed to cool before the artist starts sculpting on it. There are many ways of sculpting the glass including the use of many tools. The process can include sandblasting, cutting, grinding, polishing, and engraving among other processes. This technique can also help artists in restoring works of art that needs it.

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We are sure that you must have found the details about glass sculptures that we have given here and the images to go along with it very fascinating. Do you own any glass sculptures? Do tell us about them.


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