Dark, Interesting, And Mysterious Night Photography

There is something dark and mysterious about the night with its darkness and shadows that makes an artist want to capture it. If this applies to most artists and art forms, then why photography should be spared. Yes, we are aware that the basis of photography is light and when it comes to night, light is something that is sparse. However, we are forgetting that the night becomes even more interesting to capture on camera because of the presence of light sources like the moon and the stars. Though these heavenly bodies by themselves are not enough to make a photo turn out the way it should without other sources of light. Trying to click photos at night cannot be more different than adorable newborn photography ideas for your junior.

night photography 1

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It may not present as many adventurous or as difficult as these examples of wet and wild river photography to fascinate you, but it does pose some difficulties to be overcome. We know that each form of photography has its own charms and difficulties and this includes even the art of black and white photography.

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By definition, the definition of night photography can be given as images that are clicked between dusk and dawn. This means the person who is into night photography has the option to use artificial light and ensuring long exposure. Sometimes the exposure could be for a few moments and in some instances it could be hours. The thing about nights are that they offer plenty of picturesque photography opportunities. The way even a glimmer of light can transform the starkness of the dark outside into something special. And we all know that with the progress of civilization, the use of artificial lighting in public places became more apparent.

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While there are many implications to this happening, both good and bad, for photographers who want to capture the beauty of the night, this offered many clicking opportunities. It is the contrast of how light transforms everything into an object of mystery and beauty can be something that most of us want to capture in the form of a photo. Some photographers like to capture sceneries in nature without the benefit of artificial light but only with the natural glitter of the moon and the stars. This will make the image even more dramatic.

night photography 20

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If you have ever tried to click something glittery like jewelry, you would know that it is not that easy to capture something glimmering and shiny in a photograph. It in fact requires a special technique and in some instances even special equipment if you want to do it at a professional level. This could be the case with night photography when you are attempting to do it of a place where there are glittering lights. The shimmer of the lights can make the photo look a bit muddled and you will have to work hard to ensure that this does not happen.

night photography 30

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We are sure that most of us have looked at examples of night photography with admiration and have been fascinated at how awesome they are. The images that we have posted here, would probably spur you to try your hand at night photography yourself. If you are planning to do that, we would advise you to study how this works and invest in the proper equipment to ensure that you get good results when you do so. Do not be disappointed if the results of your first few attempts at night photography are not as enchanting as the ones shown here. We are sure that you will be able to come up with enchanting images with some practice and patience.


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