Examples Of Wet And Wild River Photography To Fascinate You

When it comes to the art of photography, most people will agree that the location is of utmost importance. That is why water bodies like rivers can offer a photographer a dream location, as these locations are not only picturesque but also charming and have good lighting in many instances. Each form of photography has its own charms, as you will agree when you look at the art of black and white photography, which makes the lack of color seem so charming. There is something that is so utterly pretty and calming when you look at the results of good photography efforts like these mind relaxing summer photos for instance.

river photography 1

river photography 2

river photography 3

river photography 4

When it comes to river photography, you have to realize that the addition of the water factor makes the photos look very different and charming. That is why there are so many beautiful examples of couple in the rain photography.

river photography 5

river photography 6

river photography 7

river photography 9

What differentiates river photography from other types of photography?

Well, we said it when we said that this type of photography is wet and wild right there in the title of the topic. Yes, water is an element that adds an extra angle to the pictures that you take while on the river or those around the river location. This is because water has the quality of making everything seem different based on the many moods it displays. Water does seem to have many moods and emotions and you will realize this when you look at it intently through the lens of the camera.

river photography 10

river photography 11

river photography 13

river photography 12

There is the calm but deep look that a river has when it is tranquilly passing through the many places it flows through to reach its final destination that can be either the sea or some other bigger river. But as you track the river along its flow, you can see the changes in the mood of the water as it passes through rocky and rough terrain. In areas like this, the river water can take on rough but playful mood with the water starting to swirl and foam and this becomes part of the river photography.

river photography 14

river photography 16

river photography 18

river photography 19

The river water can be captured in its angry and almost violent mood through the lens of your camera when the wind picks up or when the water is forced through a narrow channel or when flowing down a waterfall. The river photography at this juncture will show you the obvious power that water can wield on anything that comes in its paths. This kind of river photography needs a lot of skill and courage to do a good job of it.

river photography 20

river photography 21

river photography 24

river photography 25

If you think river photography of this state of the river is the most difficult or dangerous, you could be right but not fully so. This is because rivers and thereby river photography is the most dangerous at the time when the river runs deep and seems calm on the surface but has deep undercurrents. Such a situation has led to many an adventurer and photographer astray as the way the river looks is not the true representation of the dangers underneath.

river photography 26

river photography 27

river photography 30

Many people who are into river photography tend to capture the river by itself first and then the interactions people have with the river in the form of many activities. This could include everything from carelessly sporting activities of children swimming in it to the carefully planned river sports that many people go for. Whether it is the tranquil photography of  a person fishing or the rapid movement of the waterfalls, river photography can be many things but never boring.


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