Make Some Inroads Into The World Of Matchbox Art

When it comes to art, there is much joy to be had as much from the huge works of art as from the really small works of art. We cannot say that one is better than the other or that one is more difficult than the other but just that the effort and appreciation for art in all the sizes can be different. That is why it would not surprise you much to know that even the most mundane things that we take for granted around the home like the humble matchbox is not immune from the artist’s eye. We are sure that this will delight you as much as any other part of the world of miniature toys that make you squeal with joy. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you will realize that something like the matchbox does have a lot of characteristics to lend itself very well to an art project and that too without much expense.

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It is like finding intelligent ways to use your old wine bottles to create some bits of art around the home. Taking up such art projects makes a lot of sense since they can be completed pretty fast and this comes in handy when you want to involve your kids in art projects or even take up something small to indulge yourself. It is like having cute keychain ideas to make you smile while never losing it.

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Here Are Some Interesting Tips And Options For Using The Simple Matchbox To Come Up With Some Art Projects:

Make miniature houses: Since the matchbox comes in a convenient square or rectangle form, it makes it easy to create small house like structures out of it. All you need to do is draw on doors and windows or even cut out parts like that and even add a tiled or thatched roof to make a miniature house. This can come in handy when you want to create an entire scenario depicting several things including small houses.

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Create a small bed: Since the matchbox comes with a convenient pull out feature, you can make up a small bed inside with a bit of clothing and a small pillow. You can then have a small doll or toy inside for a charming touch.

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Puppet show props: When children are small, they should be encouraged to come up with small scenarios where they have an imaginary situation going. The use of matchboxes can be done to create small props for puppet shows that kids put up. This is a great way to have kids exercise their imagination.

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Picture frames: You can even create a small picture frame for small pictures using the structure of the matchbox. This can be something that you can encourage your kids to do when they collect cards of different sports etc.

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Surprise pull outs: You can hide or compress something in a matchbox that you can hand over to kids at parties that can be then pop out when they open them. This can be something that will be useful when you are planning a Halloween party or some such event.

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Gift wrapped package: Often you will see that Christmas trees are decorated with small packages that are made to look like gifts. Empty matchboxes can come in handy to use as gift wrapped packages in the form of a decoration for parties.

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We are sure that the tips and ideas given here along with the images will give you plenty of ideas for how to use matchboxes for creating art.


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