Perfect Plastic Bottle Crafts

When you hear the term plastic bottles, inevitably our mind goes to all the talk of recycling and making a planet safer, which seems to be the popular topic of today. Nobody associates plastic bottles with art in the first instance but the idea of using these mundane things to create perfect works of art is slowly catching on. The thing is plastic bottles are here to stay and have become one of the super smart DIY decoration ideas that you can easily try. Actually, the more you think about it, the more ideas you will get around using plastic bottles for crafts. Just think about it – they are durable, colorful, easy to handle, and very easily available. You could actually come up with beautiful garden fountain ideas that you can come up with using plastic bottles.

plastic bottle art 1

plastic bottle art 2

Actually, it should not surprise you that plastic bottles can be used for crafts; after all, there is bottle art – infinite beauty from recycling waste.

plastic bottle art 3

plastic bottle art 4

We would like to start with one more example of why we should consider using plastic bottles for various purposes instead of wasting them and leaving them to spoil our environment. A recent article we read said that some countries are actually using plastic bottles filled with sand to make walls that will protect them from attacks. Isn’t that commendable?

plastic bottle art 5

plastic bottle art 7

Therefore, we request you to think twice before throwing that plastic bottle out, after all, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to make something pretty from material that you are getting rid of.

plastic bottle art 10

plastic bottle art 11

Here Are Some Ideas You Could Try:

Make a bird feeder: It is as simple as setting up a bottle in the garden on a stand with a small opening cut in the middle for the grains to fall in to a small receptacle for the birds to feed from. Do ensure that the bottle is closed from the top.

plastic bottle art 12

plastic bottle art 13

Convert into a zipped pouch: Cut the tops from two similar bottles and sew in or stick a zipper in the center. This can make an amazing travel pouch to carry odds and ends. You can also use it around the home to keep things that you are constantly searching for like sewing supplies, stationery etc.

plastic bottle art 16

plastic bottle art 17

Make a chandelier: This can be a bit of an ambitious project since it involves wires and bulbs but can be a fun way to put together a simple lamp with several bulbs or actually build a lamp out of plastic bottles.

plastic bottle art 18

plastic bottle art 19

Cover with balloon: If the appearance of a plastic bottle irks you as it is not as neat or as shiny as you want it, the best bet is to simply cover it with a large balloon in a design you like and then proceed to use it as you see fit.

plastic bottle art 20

plastic bottle art 21

Make animals with it: It is possible for you to create cute pigs or penguins with a few tweaks to the structure and look of the bottle, which you can then use to create a theme party or even simply display at your home.

plastic bottle art 22

plastic bottle art 23

Create a fountain: The concept of water falling from one receptacle to another and so on to flow down to the ground using plastic bottles is a great way to emulate a fountain in the urban setting.

plastic bottle art 26

plastic bottle art 24

plastic bottle art 27

Transform to lamps: Many of us want to have unique lamps with changing themes to make us smile due to their quaint cuteness but do not go for them as they are too expensive. Using used plastic bottles to create lamps is a simple and creative way to make lamps.

plastic bottle art 28

plastic bottle art 29

plastic bottle art 30

Tell us, which of these ideas are you going to try first?


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