Dream Art; Literally Recording Your Dreams In The Form Of Art

Good art or quality art is the dream of an art lover or anybody who is connected with the world of art in any capacity. When we look at the work of certain artists, we cannot help but wonder if they found the inspiration for their work from their dreams. That is why we are going to tell you a bit about dream art, which is either creating art from your dreams or creating art that has a dream like quality. In either cases, the basis of the art is from the stuff dreams are made of. One could actually classify most beautiful mermaid pictures under this category; after all, who among us can claim to have seen mermaids in reality?

dream art 2

dream art 3

dream art 4

dream art 5

Seriously, have you ever thought about where artists find the inspiration for their wonderful art? For all you know, their creativity could come from their dreams. We can almost believe this when you look at magic the gathering wallpapers that could only have come from somebody’s dreams or even fantasy world. In fact, why alone paintings or sculpture, even derived works of art like interior designing or landscaping could come from dreams. For instance, who is to say elegant backyard pond ideas could come from your dreams.

dream art 6

dream art 7

dream art 8

dream art 9

When you sit down to think about it, then dream art seems kind of obvious doesn’t it? Dreams are a part of the subconscious that we have not tapped but it is also one that is literally bursting with creative and original ideas. It is probably the place that many of the great artists of times past went to when they wanted to create exceptional art. That would certainly explain a lot of the works of art that leaves us reeling at the sheer imagination that has gone into it.

dream art 10

dream art 11

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dream art 13

Here Are Some Ways That Dreams Can Help You In Your Art And How You Can Also Leverage The Dreams To Become A Better Artist:

Blow those horrors away: As we all have been misfortunate enough to know at times, the other side of dreams is the nightmares. Nightmares can leave us horrified and confused but one of the best things to do is blow the horror of the nightmare by making a tangible version of it by turning it into art.

dream art 14

dream art 16

dream art 17

dream art 18

Record a weird dream: Some dreams are repetitive and seem to resonate with a weird and elusive message that always seems to be a bit farther from our grasp.  Sometimes sitting down to consciously recollect the dream and trying to record it in the form of art can be the best way to deal with it.

dream art 19

dream art 20

dream art 21

dream art 22

Coloring the world differently:  The world takes on an ethereal quality in our dreams and this can provide you with a viewpoint that is different from the mundaneness of how we view things around us. The dream like quality and coloring in the dreams is something that many artists may wish to capture and put down on paper, canvas, stone or any other medium.

dream art 23

dream art 24

Creating a dream world: A dream as opposed to a nightmare where our wishes are revealed and then fulfilled. They say that giving a tangible form to our dreams is a good start to realizing them. That is what some artists strive to do with their dream art. This could be both therapeutic as well as uplifting to do.

dream art 26

dream art 27

We are sure that even looking at dream art can have benefits for you in a psychological level and one can only imagine the benefits of actually doing it. But do share with us which of the images that we have shared here have touched you at an entirely new level.


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