Want To Know More About Native American Art?

Culture has an effect on art and vice versa and that is, why it is not at all surprising that the Native American culture has had a huge impact on the art from that area. You can look at beautiful pictures from different cultures to see how art and culture feed off each other and enrich each other mutually. Many of us look at examples of art without even being aware of what inspired them at least on a conscious level, but there are many things that affect art. Different types of artistic media that define our world are like sponges when it comes to soaking cultural influences.

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Not only arts like painting and sculptures that use the artistic talent, hands and other implements, but also arts that are created using instruments like photography are affected by cultural influences. Look at these magical pictures of London to see what we mean.

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What Does Native American Art Entail? Find Out Now!

There is an almost mystic quality with layered meanings to each work of art when it comes the Native American art. This is because all the aspects of life for Native Americans have to do with nature and the wilderness. They attribute many of the qualities they have to their spirit guide animals and birds. They feel that these animals and birds not only give them their special powers and skills but that they also possess some of their physical characteristics. That is why you will see whether it is their residences or their clothing or their headdresses or the way they embellish anything will have elements of nature in them.

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Therefore, when you put together mysticism, deeper connections to earth, feathers, leathers and other elements of nature, you have art that resonates with the deeper parts of your inner being. They use beads, feathers and other elements of nature to not only make things prettier on themselves and their residences but also as means of protection. They have amulets and factors like dreamcatchers etc. to touch upon your imagination and make you wonder if there is more to life than what we see in a superficial way.

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Things like headdresses and necklaces are part of the art and are very intricate pieces of art. However, apart from that they also indicate the social status of the wearer and also in some instances showcase the achievements of the person wearing them. Apart from paintings, and other wearable works of art, the Native American art also has baskets, pottery, leather pouches, weaponry, moccasins, woodcarving and other artworks that will leave you reeling at the creativity these artists display in the work they do.

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The art that Native Americans have not only have an aesthetic appeal but also a deeper practical use. They used the stone and wooden vessels they have made to use in storing and preparing their food. They used their arrowheads and bows to hunt and protect their kin. They used their leather garments and pouches to wear and carry things in them. The embellishments on their leather works tend to act as a form of identifying the area and tribe that they belong to.

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Their amulets and headdresses not only mark their achievements and status in the tribe but also have the psychological advantage of making the wearer feel confident and bestow an aura of power. Their other mystical works of art like the dreamcatchers are believed to have immense powers of protection to the person having it.

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The more you look at Native American art, the more you will find to be fascinated with it and learn from it.


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