Different Types Of Artistic Media That Define Our World

We hear a lot of talk around us that keeps deriding the modern world and talking about the good old days when things were simpler and not so corrupted. While this could be true, we have to realize that modern life also brings about many developments and it is but natural that such changes could also bring with it some upset. The fact is all these changes and advancements that have happened in our lives have left no area of our life unaffected and this includes the world of art. That is why we have concepts like mixed media art redefining of the way you look at art.


Of course with the evolution of new forms of art, you also see some confusion about what constitutes art and what does not. This brings about questions like is graffiti a form of art on the streets or is it vandalism? However, when it comes to art you should know that art knows no limits and the definition of art in today’s world will keep expanding to encompass all the new forms and variations of art that have come about.  Today there are concepts like finger painting and only when learn more about the finer points of finger painting, do you realize the extent of inputs required to create art this way.


It is indeed a difficult task when it comes to defining different types of artistic media that defines the art world, but we give below some of the broader categories:

canvas painting

painting on paper

painting on cloth

Canvas: Paintings are a large part of the art world and this is why we have added canvas to this list. Of course any surface that we paint on, will be considered a medium for art along with the different kinds of paints that we use to create a painting. The fact is today people have not only started painting on canvas, paper and cloth but also on building, roads and many other surfaces.

stone sculpture 1

crystal sculpture

bone sculpture

Stone: Sculpture is another important part of the art world and stone is one of the most conventional yet hard to deal with medium that is used in the art world. Today we can see that not only is sculpture produced by hand but also by using machinery that makes it affordable to more people than it used to be before. However it would be remiss of us not to mention crystals, bones, animal teeth and other things that are also part of sculpture.

digital media 2

digital media 3

digital media 4

Digital: One of the biggest mediums that has been added to the artistic world is that of digital media that includes not only television, film but a host of other medium which has been defined by purists as art that borrows. However, when you look at digital art, you will realize that though this media is a bit easier to deal with but the creativity needed is no less.

metal sculpture

gold jewelry

silver jewelry

Metal: Metal is not only used to create sculptures but also to create exquisite and precious jewelry that is worn and also treated as an investment. The fact is metal ranging from the basest to the most precious like gold and silver have been used to create works of art.

wood art 1

wood art 2

wood art 3

Wood: As compared to metal and stone, wood is a medium that is relatively easy to use to create works of art. What is more, the works of art that are created using wood are not only priced for their aesthetic value as well as the practical uses.

mixed media 1

mixed media 2

mixed media 3

Mix of mediums: We have said it earlier and we repeat that art knows no boundaries, that is the reason one of two more mediums can be used to create works of art.


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