Block Prints – Using Simple Blocks To Create Amazing Designs

Have you ever wondered many fabrics that come under the category of handlooms have an even design on them? If you have, then the credit goes to block printing. The world of handicrafts is fascinating, fulfilling and fun due to this simple implement of using blocks etched with a design to create a nice pattern. In case you did not already know what block printing means, you should know it is the art of etching a pattern on a block of wood or some such other surface. This block is then dipped into dye that is used on fabrics and then used to reproduce the print on clothing of different types.

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Block Prints – Using Simple Blocks To Create Amazing Designs

In fact, the principle behind the block printing technique is such that you can use it among the many craft ideas that kids can use to make homemade gifts. If you thought that block printing or block prints were only used on fabrics use for bedclothes and for personal use, you would be stunned to know that carpet designing with the art and science of it also uses block printing to a certain extent.

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Block prints are surprisingly used in many places; even more than you actually knew or imagined. While the process used for creating works of block prints may seem simplistic, it is not and needs a certain amount of thought, planning and precision to get the end result as you desire it to be. In fact, when it comes to block prints, you will find that the talent and skill as well as the techniques for this are taught from one generation to another. These are in many cases, a matter of family pride and tradition to learn the craft of creating block prints for various purposes.

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The first step in the process of creating block prints is the preparation of the block which is used to create the final print. This needs a certain amount of strength and skill to get right. many families that are into this kind of work have their own blocks and in fact in the olden days, the block prints used would be allotted for certain use only and for certain occasions only. There would be certain block prints that could be only used by the imperial family and the nobles.

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The next step of the process would be the preparation of dyes that are used for making the block prints. The dyes used for the process of making block prints, would be made from natural elements that the family involved in the process would keep a secret.

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Once the dyes are created, and then comes the process for preparing the fabric in preparation of block printing the same. This would depend on the kind of fabric used for the block printing. Silk for block printing would be prepared in a different manner and cotton in a different manner. The block would be then prepared with care and then dipped in the dyes, and placed on the fabric in a systematic manner. It is not an easy task and would require a great amount of patience and skill to do it right.

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There is a certain process that is followed once the block printing process is completed that would involve applying a protective layer to ensure that the dye used in block printing stays for a long time. The cloth would be carefully dried after this process. The whole process of block prints and the way it is done is so fascinating that the artists who are into this process, actually demonstrate the process to eager prospective buyers so that they can be witness to the process before buying the goods.


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