Carpet Designing – The Art And Science Of It

When it comes to homes and their décor, one of the things that adds richness to the whole look is a nice carpet on the floor. Whether you are thinking of attractive red living room ideas or simply thinking of beautiful floor ideas for your house. The fact is in certain parts of the world, a carpet is a necessity that ensures that people can avoid the cold that permeates the floor due to the climate. In many parts of the world, carpets are simply a lovely indulgence that is used to make the home look richer and feel more luxurious.

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In fact, a place like a loft can also benefit from the addition of a nice and warm carpet, which is one of the reasons that it is not unusual for the carpet to feature in loft conversion design ideas. Have you ever wondered how carpets are designed? The process of carpet making is definitely a science and the process of designing the carpet is the artistic aspect of the whole process.

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In most types of carpets, the designing process is the most important part of the creative process. The rest is all about the techniques used to create the carpet. The two techniques used for carpet making are usually the knotted weave and the flat weave.


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Since carpets though lovely and delicate to look at, are things that are part of the house that see a lot of wear and tear. With people walking on it and the carpet being exposed to so many elements of nature and climate, it is but natural that the carpet has to sustain all this without spoiling the look. That is why the carpet is basically composed of two parts, one of them being the foundation.

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The foundation part of the carpet is the one that will take the brunt of all the footfalls on the carpet. This foundation is formed by the warp and weft yarn and the part of the carpet that is visible is the pile of the carpet. The pile of the carpet is what shows the design of the carpet for the world to see.

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When it comes to the designing process in modern times, the process could be done on the computer with the use of various software packages that are meant for this. However, no matter whether we are talking about the modern process of designing carpets or the ones dating back to the past, the whole concept starts in the mind. When  you look at carpets, you will find that the whole motif is based on a particular theme.

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In most of the carpets that have a more traditional and richer look, the carpet will have a combination of colors that is dominated by the background color. This color has to be good enough to hold its own and also be able to show the design and the colors used in the design in a way that looks aesthetic. The carpet will have a nice ornate border and a definite center design. There could be other design elements around the center, which could be used to counter the center design and placed at angles near the border.

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The other way carpets are designed is with the repetition of the same motif all over the carpet and this too makes the carpet look really good. This can be based on an old-fashioned motif or could use a more modern design. We are sure when you think of all these aspects, you will look at a carpet from a different point of view the next time you come across one.


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