Art Of Creating Plastic Flowers And Using Them Around The House

Flowers are seen as works of art, with Mother Nature being given credit as being the artist who created so many species of them. It is true; there is something so incredibly beautiful and inspiring about flowers that touches a part of our heart that most of us are not even aware exists. What is more, flowers also appeal to another of our senses due to the fragrance they emit in many cases. That is why; plastic flowers have gotten a bad press when it comes to them being used around the home or for any other occasion. While plastic flowers do not quite have the delicate beauty or fragrance of real flowers, there is no denying the many advantages of using them in works of art, especially those that we want to long for a longer time. One may even say that beautiful chalk pastel artworks could have their origin and inspiration from the colors of flowers.

plastic flower art 1

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You have to admit that when you explore the wonderful world of mosaic art, the use of plastic flowers will make more sense than the use of real flowers. Though any piece of art created using real flowers will look and smell better, it will not last for too long. And this is where we feel that plastic flowers can do a lot for such works of art. There are many breathtaking eclectic decoration ideas for your beloved house that will benefit from the use of plastic flowers.

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Here Are Some Ideas For The Art Of Creating Plastic Flowers And Using Them To Create Works Of Art In Many Forms:

Create with unusual colors: Flowers come in various colors and it is possible that this color palette includes the most unusual colors. However, in spite of flowers coming in many colors, there is a possibility that the color of flower that you want may not be available in the area you live in. this problem can be surmounted by created by making plastic flowers from plastic material of the color you want. This means that you can create the most unusually colored flowers in the shape and structure you want them to be in.

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plastic flower art 16

Use unusual materials: We are sure that there are many materials lying around the home that we may not find that much use for like plastic spoons or spools of plastic twine etc. These can be used to cut into unique shapes and form flowers as per your fancy. You can even use a mix of clear plastic along with opaque plastic as well as translucent plastic to create flowers that seem to be almost magical. These flowers may not be something we find in nature, but could be the kind of stuff that we dream about.

plastic flower art 17

plastic flower art 18

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Make unique things out of them: Since you are working on plastic art, you can make anything that you feel like from them. Do you fancy a huge wall decoration? Or do you long for a flowered shower curtain? Is a surreal flower bouquet your fancy? Is it the flower barrette you fancy for your hair? Is it the unusual flower earrings and necklace the one you long for? Or does your mind want to have a flat container of water with flowers and candles floating on them? Any of the above mentioned option and many others are easily possible using plastic flowers.

plastic flower art 22

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You will find that plastic flower art is quite addictive as it is easy to do and does not cost you that much in terms of raw material costs or even your time and efforts.


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