30 Ideas About How To Decorate Your Penthouse

First of all, congratulations on having a penthouse or at least getting to do up one. There is no doubt that a penthouse can be a special place being on the top of a building and generally with luxurious fittings and of a bigger size. This means that a space like this needs to be decorated keeping not only the comfort and aesthetics of the place but also the grandeur of the settings. You can start from the floor of the home and work upwards. If that is the way you want to go, then look at carpet designing – the science and art of it to get the carpeting right. A warm and colorful carpet can do wonders to the special place that is your penthouse.

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There are many bright room settings and decoration ideas that could work in the portion of the penthouse that you use for entertaining visitors. If you are so inclined, you can also pick up the art of decorating with lights for all occasions to make the lounge and entertainment area look special all the time.

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Here Are Some Ideas On How You Can Go About Decorating Your Penthouse:

Space it out: One of the most important factors that you have to keep in mind is that the space at your disposal when it comes to decorating your penthouse. You see that in some cases, the space at your disposal is huge and in some cases, the space can be very limited. That is why, measure the space and then sit back to take a minute to comprehend the closed and open spaces at your disposal.

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Light it is: While the world likes to classify people as being cat people and dog people, the decoration world classifies people as being dark people and light people. By this we don’t mean the color of their skin or hair but their preference in terms of the way the like their living space lit. There is a distinctive divide when it comes to the preference of lighting – with some people going for the well-lit spaces and some going for the dark and spot lit kind of lighting. Go for lighting as per your preference.

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Flowers: Since the penthouse space in most cases would have the advantage of having exposure to sunlight and fresh air, it makes sense to plant some flower plants to enhance the beauty of the space. But if you feel taking care of plants could be too much work, then you can add the floral touch with the use of wallpaper and other items of decoration.

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Open or close: Another aspect of decorating the penthouse space is about whether you want to go with an open plan or closed space plan. This would depend completely on the needs of the people who would occupy the space as well as their preferences. In fact, it is even possible to have some part of the penthouse space closed and some open if you want to have a mix of both.

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Rich or natural: It goes without saying that if a person can afford to rent or own a penthouse apartment, then they must be pretty well off. This means they have the choice of picking out the kind of decorations they like. It is very much possible that you can create a rich and opulent feel to the space or go completely natural if that is what you like by using rich wooden pieces with that natural look.

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We are sure that having a penthouse at your disposal to decorate would be something that will leave you with many ideas and if anything making a choice from all the options available would be the difficult part.


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