Art Of Film-making And The Artistic Thoughts That Go Into It

Movie, cinema, films et al have been part of our lives for as long as we know. We cannot imagine life without them as they provide us with a much-needed outlet from the drudgery of our lives. They are our escape into a world of entertainment where things are larger than life with each story having a definite start and end to it instead of being a constant work in progress as life can often be. One has to look at the most famous movie posters of all time to know the magical element they bring into our lives.

One of the foremost examples for the art of decorating with lights for every occasion, can be seen in movies as lights not only show a situation but also highlight an emotion. What is more, unlike opera the art of combining music, drama and dance to produce something that is enjoyable at the moment, the art of filmmaking creates something for posterity.

film making

We all know that filmmaking of any sort whether it is a complete movie or a single episode of a soap opera or the production of an advertising commercial, will need a story line. It will need a script, music, lighting and the acting of people to complete the making of the film. These are elements that we are well aware of but filmmaking uses numerous other elements of art, some of which we will discuss here.

make up for movies

make up for movies 2

Art of makeup: When you look at films, one of the things that you consider is the way the artists look in the film. While it is fair to assume that they are indeed blessed with good looks, making them look just right for the part they are playing is also the result of good makeup. While many may not agree with it, makeup is indeed an art, which uses various cosmetics as the material and the human face as the canvas.

costume designs for movies 2

costume designs for movies 3

Costume designs: The mood and look of a film will be determined by many things and one of the important elements is also the costumes. Just imagine a western movie with cowboys where one of the cowboys turns up wearing a tuxedo to ride a horse while rounding up the cattle!  Costumes are part of the many elements that form part of the film and the way it turns out. They can change the mood and era of the movie from something modern to something of the past.

set designs for movies

set designs for films 4

Set designs: While we go to movies or watch films for entertainment value and do not necessarily concentrate on the separate elements that make it so entertaining, the film set is something that even the shallowest film watcher can ignore. Sets in terms of the movie or film that you are watching tells you a lot more about the story and supports the cast and the theme without being obvious. The legendary film “Gone with the wind” would not have looked as authentic without the sets that showed us the legendary plantations of the south, thanks to the set designers.

film making 3

The thing is the art of filmmaking is an art that involves the culmination and coordination of several elements that will need to work in tandem for the end-result to be good. This takes an astonishing amount of effort and an immense eye for detail. Not only do all the elements of the film have to come together as one cohesive unit but also ensure continuity to keep the authenticity of the film going. The more you think of all components of the films that you watch, the more you will appreciate the end-product.


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