Opera – The Art Of Combining Music, Drama And Dance

Art, as you know is very difficult to pin down and be defined and the main reason for this is because art is not something that is static but something that is dynamic. This is the very reason that the definition of art and what it consists of is constantly changing to include newer things on a regular basis. That is why apart from things like painting, sculpture and etching, you have performance arts like the dramatic side of art, which you can explore to know more about it. Then there is the art of movie making; creative and commercial that shows an impressive display of creativity.  We can see that opera has elements of these arts but tends to be more than any of the individual arts.

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While we are referring to opera as one of the important art forms, then we should definitely mention different forms of dancing that form part of it. The fact is though opera is often referred to as one art form, it is actually an art form that combines several like music, drama and dance.

Sarasota Opera Production of King For A Day

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Why is opera so fascinating?

When you mention the word opera to people, you will find that there are two types of people; those who love it and those who don’t. This is because opera is something that one cannot be indifferent towards. Opera is an art form where the artists who participate in this are required to be good at acting, singing as well as dancing to a certain extent. Opera artists are not selected only on the basis of their looks but also their talents at being able to express the theme of the opera with song, acting and dancing.

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What are the other elements in opera?

The fact is with opera, the talent of the artists and the theme of the opera is important but that is not all. The whole setup of opera is also based on the settings on the stage. There is a lot of effort that goes into setting the right background for the story that is being told.  There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into the creating the works for the drama and dance that unfolds in front of you.

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If you have ever visited the theatre to visit opera or have even seen people who are taken to view the opera for the first time on screen, you will realize that it can be an immensely moving experience. In many cases, the way the scenes are emoted in front of the audience would cause the audience to the extent of having tears. In fact it is not unknown to see people sobbing their hearts out when they are watching the opera and feeling good about it.

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However, since opera is a combination of different forms of art and has a lot of rich elements in it, it is generally not something that everyone can afford to go to and watch. In fact, opera is not just considered entertainment but something beyond. This is probably the reason why there is a dress code about how one is supposed to turn out when going to watch the opera. People who are passionate about opera and can afford to, are quite possessive about their seats to watch opera. They do not even mind the way they are supposed to dress and behave when going to watch opera. In fact many of these diehard opera fans are the ones who are very particular about the way people conduct themselves when they come to watch opera.


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