Optical Illusions That Are Simple Yet So Wonderful

The best part of art is that the definition of it keeps expanding to accommodate more. One of the fascinating aspects of art is that of optical illusions. By talking about optical illusions, we are not talking about easy abstract painting ideas, though these can be a good starting point for optical illusions. Today the use of hot digital illustrations have made optical illusions even more possible.

As we said earlier, what makes art so fascinating is that on one end of the spectrum there are optical illusions and there are these hyper-realistic oil paintings on the other hand. By optical illusions we mean the kind of art that shows different things when you look at the same thing from different angles. They almost seem magical when you sit down to think about these fascinating and wonderful optical illusions.

Here Are Some That Would Definitely Feature Among The Overall Favorites:

optical illusion rubin vase

Rubin Vase: This is probably one of the most well-known optical illusions that can be found. When you see it in white, you will see a vase that is curved and in black, you will see two faces that are facing each other.

optical illusion play on rubin vase

Play on Rubin Vase: The play on the original would show the vase in black instead of white but the faces are a bit more difficult to discern. Once you locate the nose of the face, then you can see it after having traced the black border.

optical illsuion a real vase

Another vase: This looks like a vase with flowers, but if you look really close, then you will be able to see the faces in the picture.

optical illuson old lady or young woman

Old woman or a young lady: This is an optical illusion that never fails to fascinate as you can see a young lady in the illusion as well as the image of an old woman. Though some people focus so hard on the young lady they cannot see the old woman.

optical illusion another young lady

Another young lady: This is again an optical illusion that is difficult to discern but it is definitely there. You only have to look at it from different angles to be able to see it.

optical illusion face peering at you

Face looking out at you: This drawing is very complicated so much so that you will be fascinated. The scene is that of a woman standing in the middle of the trees. What is more, there is also a face that looks out from the image. While some part of the of the optical illusion are pretty obvious, there are others that are not so simple to make out. This is what makes this optical illusion so interesting.

optical illusions a not so simple sax player

A sax player who is not simple: This optical illusion that is rendered in black and white. On the one hand, you can see that there is a face in the white background, when seen from another angle, you can see a cartoon like character that is playing saxophone in the outdoors as the clouds keep floating. This image is interesting, fascinating as well as cute.

optical illusion young woman old man

Young lady and older gentleman: This one is definitely a complex one on the lines of a young lady and old woman taking it to the next level. You are more likely to spot the young lady first. She faces the left and seems to be reading a book. When you examine the image closely then you can see the older gentleman that is facing right. Actually the beard of the man forms the dress of the lady and her arm forms his mustache.

optical illusion face in the trees

Face among the trees: This one is vague enough for you to think of it as a simple cluster of trees but when you look at it intently only will you be able to see beyond the obvious. The thing that makes it so intriguing is that you cannot see the face just like that but will have to concentrate to be able to see it.

optical illusion devilish women

Women who are devilish: This is both awesome as well as a bit scary too. The first thing that you will see is the face that looks very devilish staring out of the picture. Then you can spot the women standing and looking at the reflections of themselves in the mirror.


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