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Art, as we have said before is something that encompasses a lot, both in terms of the scope and in terms of the kinds of activities that you can undertake. However, any art lover in the truest sense, especially of the visual kind will always have an affinity to paintings. There is an impact of visual arts like paintings that touches your senses at a level that is not definable. We all wish that we never had to stop looking at beautiful oil paintings like you have never seen before, because it is indeed an absolute treat.

When it comes to art of painting, it need not be limited by painting on canvases; it can also include painting on glass objects, which is fascinating art project. And when it comes to a fascinating subject like the best known paintings of Jesus Christ, then the thing that comes to mind is about the top painters of all time.

Here Are The Painters Of All Time, Which Would Be Counted As The Top Ten:

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci: Even people who don’t know much about art, will tell you that they know this artist and the work that he is most known for are the classic paintings titled Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

vincent van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh: Apart from his most known paintings of Sunflowers, The Starry Night among others, he is also known for his eccentric lifestyle.


Rembrandt: He is considered a master at his art and his famous works had a realism that was part of the famous paintings like the Jewish Bride, The Storm of the sea of Galilee among others.


Michelangelo: He was a painter, sculptor and artist whose work can be viewed in Sistine Chapel, Peita and David among other paintings. His paintings and sculptures are even today the most fascinating to look at.

claude monet

Claude Monet: His famous works includes master artworks like water lilies, Impression Sunrise, and women in garden. His paintings can hold you in thrall and leave you never wanting to cast your eyes off them.

pablo picasso

Pablo Picasso: A cubist painter, this painter had brought in a new aspect to the world of painting and art. He even had a blue period and was known for his lifestyle as much as his art too.


Raphael: Also part of the Italian Renaissance, his famous paintings include the Wedding of the Virgin, Mond Crucifixion, and the Bird of Peace.

auguste renoir

Auguste Renoir: A painter from France, he was also influenced by the Italian Renaissance he was one of the early pioneers of the world of impressionism. His most known works also include On the Terrace, Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette.

jan vermeer

Jan Vermeer: This painter of Dutch origin, had a special genre of painting and did really bright depiction of still life. His most known paintings include The Milkmaid and the View of Delft Girl with a pearl earring.

paul cezanne

Paul Cezanne: He was a French Painter from the Post impressionist era and his most know paintings include The Card Players.

The best part about knowing these painters and looking at painters even after all these years is that they feel so alive. It is almost as if the artworks can talk to you and make you marvel at how much the imagination of the painters and their skill contributed to this. No matter what part technology has to pay in today’s world, some things like the works of these painters will leave you full of wonder and surprise. It is simply marvellous how much the talent and imagination of these artists has done for the world of art.

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