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40 Beautiful Oil Paintings Like You have Never Seen Before

When it comes to painting a portrait, there are three specific types of paints that are used – oil, water and acrylic paints. Each of these paint types has their own advantages and disadvantages. The difference in costs and the way each paint behaves when used are some of the factors that people consider when they pick out a medium to paint, but many purists believe that oil paintings are the way to go, as they look the best. It is because there is richness and sheen to oil paintings that is simply not there in the other mediums that we use for painting. Of course, what surface you are using to paint also makes a big difference like painting on fabrics and creating art for wearing and decoration.

Beautiful Oil Paintings

When you take up a project like painting on glass, a fascinating art project, the medium will naturally have to be something waterproof like oil paints. While we all believe that things like beautiful oil paintings are a result of skillful wielding a brush, which is true but not the whole truth. When you learn more about the finer points of finger painting, then you realize that the definition of painting is beyond the mere use of a brush.

When you speak or think of oil paintings, people who are not that familiar with this medium tend to think more in terms of portraits, but the scope of oil paintings is more than mere portraits. There are other types of pictures like the rendering of landscapes, the painting of objects or the painting of imaginary object or even abstracts. The thing is when a painting is done using oil paints; the whole effect is going to be difficult when you compare it to watercolors.

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