Decoration Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger

When it comes to home decoration, many ideas out there seem to work out for those who have no budgetary constraints. However, that does not mean that you cannot make your home beautiful and comfortable when on a limited budget, but it does mean that you have to spend more on the thought and planning process.  If you are thinking of lagoon billiard room design ideas, then you will have to start thinking on a smaller scale. One of the ways to ensure that your thinking is restricted to scale is look at the way space has been capitalized in these engaging examples of lovely bamboo houses.

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The thing is that with a few well-planned and strategic moves, you can definitely make a smaller space look bigger and this will enhance the feeling but this will not translate to actual space at least not dramatically. That is why, even if you want to go with amazing home theater designs and ideas, you will have to make it to scale as per the dimensions of your home.

Having Said All This, Here Are Some Ideas And Tips To Ensure That Your Room Looks Bigger Than It Is.

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An oldie but a definite goldie: Add a mirror to one of the walls in such a way that it reflects another wall. This will make the room look bigger and deeper than it is and create the illusion of one room within another. However, the caveat for doing this is not to do it in places where you will spend time after dark, like the bedroom, as the reflections can be fearsome in the dark.

walls with art

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Add a poster or artwork or even paint the walls with depth: Adding a poster or artwork or painting the walls with somewhat of a three dimensional effect will ensure that the room looks bigger than it is. This again is an old trick that really works well. Besides having, a warm scene of a forest or some beautiful picture based on nature will only add more charm to your room.

furniture to the wall 1

furniture to the wall 2

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Push the furniture to the walls: Another thing that you need to do to ensure that your room looks larger is ensure that all the furniture is closer to the wall. What this means that you should not place furniture in the center of the room like a couch that is a distance away from the wall. Taking these steps will create the illusion of space and in fact even clear out some actual space.

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Furniture that have multiple uses: This is another trick to not only make a smaller space look bigger but also make some actual space too. For example a small pullout dining table that is within a wall cabinet will save space and also make for more efficient movement around the room.

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Stripes work on rooms too: The rule that certain stripes make things look longer or wider or bigger is not just applicable to clothing that we wear but also the rooms we paint. Make use of this to create an illusion of space in a smaller room.

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Lighter colors: Often we feel that having the room painted in a darker color makes the space look cozy and this is true but darker colors can make the space look smaller. If you want to create the illusion of a bigger space in a relatively smaller space, then you could simply paint the walls with lighter colors to make things look bigger and brighter than they are.

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As you can see, with these simple tips, you will be able to ensure that your lovely home looks nice and also appears spacious.


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