23 So Cool Decoration Ideas

A stamp of your personality: Your home should reflect your thoughts and in this idea literally. Which means that you print out a stay on each of the stairs so that people viewing it from the bottom of the stairs can read them. Or you can stencil out your favorite quote and put a wooden frame around it.

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Utility with beauty: The place under the counter in your bathroom on which you keep your beauty supplies can be used to hang your clothes neatly. This way your dressing and makeup are right at hand and you can dress that much faster.

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Recycling with a twist: Turn that old ladder into shelves on which you keep things like towels or convert the old bulbs on cute transparent holders for growing your herbs. Make an amazing statement by using those old wicker baskets by nailing them to the wall to make a shelf. You can put your towels, sheets and napkins in them. Neat and nifty!

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Heart it out with photos: You can take the pictures of you and your spouse and arrange them on the wall in the shape of a heart. This way they look great and also make a statement about the way you feel.

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Once you start thinking of using the stuff around your home to come up with cool decorating ideas, you will find that you will need much apart from your imagination and a few simple craft supplies. If you feel like it, you can even have a monthly decoration scheme going and can keep changing things for a special and unique look for every month.