50 Beautiful Drawing Pencil Sketches and Art Examples

Drawing Pencil Sketches and Art
Drawing Pencil Sketches and Art

Drawing Pencil Sketches and Art are one of the true and oldest form of Art. Using a simple and humble pencil to render art on to paper is one of the most basic and earliest forms of art. Not only is it art by itself, it also forms the skeletal work for other media like water colors and oil paints. Instead of thinking of pencil art as simple art using a pencil, do take the time to explore the options and variations available.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Pick a subject that you are passionate about. We know the choice is immense and can lead to confusion, but go for something that pleases the eye and tugs at your heart strings. If you like to stick to people, you need to decide on whether it is going to be an actual rendition or a caricature.
  • Select the lead that will go with the kind of drawing you are planning to create. For better effect, you can use a variety of leads to create a textured look.
  • Pick the paper you are going to use. This is really important while doing a pencil drawing as the quality of the paper will affect the kind of art you want to produce. However you are better advised to use the relatively cheaper paper when you are just starting out and then moving on to the more expensive paper.
  • Learn the subtle art of shading in your pencil based art. Do not be afraid to experiment when you are working with this medium.

As with any form of art, one needs to overcome mental blocks and open oneself to the possibilities that the art provides to be able to get a certain amount of confidence in one’s ability. You will find that drawing with the simple pencil is a small but significant step in this direction. Here I have collected some of my favorite Drawing Pencil Sketches Art examples. All these pieces are linked back to their original source so that you can enjoy more of the artists findings from the past.

Graphite Drawing

Black N White

Alternative Saladin in sketch

Native American

Old man – Pencil

Pencil Drawing

Pencil MaDnEsS

Pencil Sketche

Pencil drawing Sketche

Photo Realistic Drawings

Harry Potter Pencil Request

Pencil portrait of a pretty girl with hair blown

Photo Realistic Pencil Drawings

Realistic Drawings

Realistic Pencil Art

Young King


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