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10 Last Pieces Of Their Type Existing

When it comes to their art, you will find that most artists tend to view it as an extension of their own selves. That is why each piece they produce is a reflection of their inner angst. You can see this when you look at 10 best known paintings of Jesus Christ. When they are nearing the end of their life, they tend to try and pour everything they have into their swan song or the last piece that they are producing.

Some of the most famous sculptures across the globe also tend to show you a glimpse of the passion that the artists have poured into their work. An artist is nothing without his or her passion and this sometimes may make their work controversial, but since the work is a reflection of his or her inner passion, artists tend to produce the work nevertheless.  All you need to do is take a peek at the most controversial  paintings of all time to know the truth behind artists following their passions without inhibitions.

In This Article, We Will Take A Look At The Last Works Of Some Famous Artists To See What They Were Trying To See:

Marcel Duchamp: This artist was believed to have retired from his life of art during the last few years  of his life. But contrary to this belief he is believed to have created a tribute to Stalin to death itself. His last piece showed a nude figure made from skin of a pig along with glass, linoleum and a glowing lamp. It came with a binder of instructions on how to assemble the work.

Gustav Klimt: His hidden secret of showing women’s erotic urges when they found an unfinished painting, This artist had the habit of painting all his models totally naked, painting the clothes on only when the painting was done. The Bride showed the models lying in nude abandon.

Vincent van Gogh:  There is some confusion about the last work he produced. It was believed that a painting called “Wheatfield with crows” was his last work.  Though this tempestuous field full of crows was the scene of his final attempt to kill himself, it is believed that the painting “Tree Roots” was his last work.

Claude Monet: He wished to be given the burial that is due a normal person. He wanted that the flowers in his garden not be used to honor his death. Keeping that sentiment in mind, he painted Grandes Decorations which were murals that showed his favorite water lilies in spite of his failing eyesight and health.

Frida Kahlo:  Her last paintings were “Marxism will give health to the sick” and Self Portrait with Stalin” showed a step away from her usual love of surrealism and broad strokes.

Hieronymus Bosch: This one – “Christ Carrying the Cross” may look like a epic gone bizarre. It shows a street photo type look with crowds have violent faces and it denotes the moral nature rather than horrors of religion. It looked like Bosch did not have a high opinion of people.

Keith Haring: He decided to go the Michelangelo way by alluding to a crucifixion in his final work of art. The last piece he created Altarpiece: The Life of Christ. He died within a fortnight of finishing his work. His final work reflected on the sadness of death due to AIDS and the sentiment of love.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Right before his death due to a heroin overdose he created a master piece Riding with death which seemed to indicate he knew the end was close at hand.

Salvador Dali: He chose the most unlikely subject for his last series of paintings – dynamic math. His last painting “The Swallow’s Tail” was about the catastrophe theory.

Albert Greco: He expressed his intention to kill himself in a survey and shocked people by doing just that. He actually turned his demise into a medium by writing a lengthy detail of his death experience after eating barbiturates.