35 Fun Facts About China That Kids Would Enjoy Knowing

If you have children or have even dealt with them you would know that they need to be engaged with fun projects so that they are bored. In order to ensure that they have some personal growth out of these activities, they need to be something substantial like easy Easter crafts for kids or have them take part in cultural group activities. That is why  so much attention is given to Christmas songs for kids to sing.

The thing about kids is that they should be engaged mind and body.  Telling them fun facts about a country like China will keep them going. Or you could simply trigger their imagination and creativity with cool kid toys that can be made by them. Here are some fun facts about China that we are sure kids will enjoy knowing:

Fun Facts About China That Kids Would Enjoy Knowing



The name China comes from “Qin” which is pronounced as Chin from the emperor of the dynasty by the same name.

asiasociety.org -

asiasociety.org –

China has a language that is one of the longest used in the world

It is the fourth biggest country across the globe

One fifth of the world population is Chinese.



The much loved fortune cookie that comes with Chinese food is not from China at all.



China earned the name as being the flowery kingdom due to the huge number of flowers and fruits grown in there

China invented the toilet paper and that too for royalty.

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www.turbosquid.com –

Compass, printing, paper and gunpowder were invented by the Chinese

Kites were also invented by Chinese

Kids in China keep crickets as pets and they even have cricket fighting

In spite of the big size, China only has one time zone.

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en.wikipedia.org –

It is believed by some historians that soccer came from China

Though ping-pong is loved in China it originated from Britain.

chinese stamps

People love to collect stamps in China for a hobby.



Giant Pandas were kept by Chinese royalty as a means of keeping evil away for millions of years.

In China, white is the color for funerals.



Parachutes are also rumoured to have originated in China

Binding feet to ensure that women have petite feet was a custom that started in the Chinese court as they were considered very desirable.



It is believed that chopsticks were invented as a means of eating smaller portions of food which became necessary as food was cut into smaller pieces to save on fuel for cooking.

It is believed that 130 ad, a scholar invented an instrument for measuring earthquakes.



It is also believed that the Chinese invented ice cream that was taken to Europe by Marco Polo.

Su Song, a civil servant made the first mechanical clock way back in 1092 ad.



In the year 2007, a Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang took his first walk in space

web.mit.edu - 4

web.mit.edu – 4

The waterwheel was invented by the Chinese in the 31 to 1200 Ad.

The capital of China has changed several times over the years.

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www.agefotostock.com –

A custom in China was for wealthy people to grow the nail on the little finger really long to show their position.

In the 4th century BC itself, China was using natural gas as a source of heat.

The Chinese have been making use of the decimal system from14th century BC.

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half-life.wikia.com –

Chinese invented the Crossbow.



There is also a story that tea was discovered by an Emperor in China when a leaf of tea fell into the water he was boiling.



Martial arts are quite popular in China

In China, the important holiday is the new year according to the Chinese calendar

Red is the color of prosperity and happiness in China

The most spoken languages in China are Cantonese, Mandarin, Wu, Hakka, Gan, Min and Xiang.



Lotus is supposed to be the symbol for purity


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