The Fascinating World Of Ceramic Art – Read To Know More!

Art is something that is so pleasing to look at that the human civilization has been striving to make things better since time immemorial. This is true of even those days when we had not evolved so much and did not have the tools to create the beautiful works of art as we have today. One only has to look at the kind of technology that has helped the skillful creation of mini sculptures that keep you inspired to know this. But we all know that humans since time immemorial have created art out of nothing or something as ubiquitous as mud to create ceramic art.

Art like the most famous sculptures from across the globe can no doubt keep your interest engaged, but we are sure that you will find the journey and evolution of ceramic art really fascinating too.

The fact is early human beings started on this line of work more out of the need for vessels to cook and store food in rather than art. But as things changed the poor and very primitive bits of pottery started evolving and soon it started taking definite shape. This evolved into the prettier ceramics and thereon the beautification of these started. - –

First was the glazing that made the ceramic vessels pretty no doubt but this was not obviously enough for the civilizations past which had started to develop a keen and ever increasing aesthetic sense. One only has to look at the ceramic arts that have survived the vagaries of age to realize this.

The use of ceramic art not only dominated the dining rooms of many kings and rich men, but also was adopted as adornment on the walls of many buildings. Starting the journey in Mesopotamia way back in the 4th millennium BC, this art form has moved on and developed. - – - – - –

You can see many samples of how much thought and ingenuity had gone into ceramic art by taking a look at some of the ceramic tiles and the designs they have, way back in the 13th century BCE. Glazed and embellished ceramic tiles have been found in structures that have a lot of significance in Islam. - – - –

One cannot mention ceramic art and porcelains without mentioning the contribution China has made. There are many pieces of art of this genre from the Ming Dynasty that can be seen in Museums that will make the true artist weep in adoration.


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