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40 Amazing Lion Tattoo Designs With Some Interesting Insights

 Most people who get a lion tattoo done, could go about it in the following ways:

  1. A plain and simple rendering of a line drawing of a lion with only the face being visible done in black ink
  2. The whole profile of the lion standing on a hill top silhouetted against the sun as it sets
  3. The symbol of the zodiac sign of Leo which could be either because they are of that sun sign or admire somebody belonging to that sun sign
  4. Comic version of lion to show a colorful and somewhat friendly version of the fiery lion
  5. The lion tattoo sitting along with his pride consisting of the lioness and his cubs
  6. The lion on the hunt attacking his prey
  7. The lion tattoo with mouth open in a fiery and loud roar
  8. The lion tattoo done in color with the full details
  9. The lion tattoo done in the tribal fashion
  10. The lion tattoo with fiery look in unusual colors