50 Beautiful Pictures of Cute Puppies

One may think what is puppy but a baby dog? But the fact is puppies are creatures possessing immense powers – the power to melt the hardest heart. By doing what, you ask? Nothing much by simply being the adorable creatures they are, with a few cute movements, a lick there and a wag here and you find yourself becoming a melting puddle of mush.

Here you will come across pictures of cute puppies in every pose possible and we also have puppies of every breed. The challenge would be if you can pick one of them as being the cutest.

There are cute puppies who seem to be sulking. With sad and doleful eyes, they make you want to give them whatever they want. Usually puppies tend to make this face when they know they have done something that they should not have done.

The puppies who are dying to go out there and explore everything. These are frisky and have the go getter attitude writ large on their faces. They know there is a whole world out there and they are in a hurry to look, touch, paw, sniff and chew

What can be cuter than a puppy? Two puppies together? That too showing off how close and friendly they are. Playing and tugging at each others’ tails and ears to give an impression of playful togetherness.

If there is something cuter than two puppies it is a whole lot of puppies together. Puppies when together can literally overload on the cute factor by looking helpless, vulnerable and totally adorable.

A puppy even while asleep can manage to project a whole lot of appeal. The way they cuddle, sniffle and have those childish dreams can be really sweet

Apart from all these poses there is the random cute factor. This could be a puppy getting up to and into a lot of things.

Beautiful Pictures of Cute Puppies


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