Don’t Bring Home An Art That Brings Tear: Stay Safe, Stay Informed, Buy & Sell Smartly Online

Leonardo Vinci, Michelangelo, and Picasso were famous painters of their age. They had the exceptional talent to evoke life in the lifeless with their master-stroke. But over the period, the modern art has been slowly and steadily forgetting these legends. And having said that you should be very careful when buying a painting. There is a small checklist to determine the painting originality and how to spot a fake art.

With the growing trend of shopping, online art-lovers can pick the best art available online. But, few crooks and frauds roam about in this encrypted online realm. If you are an art lover and you share the apprehensiveness and skepticism about your online art purchases, in that case, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, you will get to know about the ways to buy efficiently on any online art gallery.

How to Buy Online Art Smartly to Avoid Being Scammed

Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing scams in the online realm have been growing slightly sharply with time. With malicious intent, many anonymous companies showcase false art pieces online, and they charge exorbitant fees for the delivery of such artwork. For a layperson, it is tough to figure out the genuine art from a fake-art. If you are clueless at this moment, you can take the best standby understanding their company policies and other specific authorizations.

Hence, upon satisfied fully about the genuine nature of the company, you must proceed with the payment part for the at the online art store. In your pursuit, you can take the help of reviews on the company’s website or even on some prominent review websites. With this approach, you can stop fraud from happening to you during the purchase.

Shipping Payment Scam

Not just the buyer, but also the artists are not immune to the art scam. In some cases, the artists who want to put their art on the show must adhere to few stipulated requirements. In this requirement, they have to pay the shipping charges first and later on the final payment is imbursed in their bank account after the delivery of the art piece. In this type of scam, a non-legit company might send false invoices of shipping to the artist, and they are asked to pay for the transportation cost upfront.

Make payment by bank check and NEFT. In this model, banks have a role to play, but they do not regulate the transaction efficiently. They just do their part of being the middleman. In this way, the artist has to suffer a lot.

Young budding artists can avoid this mishap by asking for partial payment upfront and then processing the shipping charges. In this way, the interest of both the parties is intact, and the outcome will be promising and beneficial for the online art galleries.


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