40 Quotes on Karma That Will Get You Thinking

Today life is complex and people are seeking ways to relieve their tensions by turning to a higher way of thinking. This means a more holistic approach to things and understanding why something is the way it is. One of the most popular concepts that has come up a lot is Karma, which is essentially an eastern concept. But since Karma is a profound way of thinking which suggests that whatever we are going through right now (whether good or bad) is the result or rather payback of what we have done in the past.



There is a certain balance and justice to this school of thought since it tries to explain to us why apparently undeserving people are enjoying good luck while definitely good and deserving people are going through a life of misery. It tells us that somewhere in our past life or past lives, we have done something to deserve what we are getting today. But karma is not just about the past paying us now, but it also shows us a path where our current actions can rectify the bad effects of our past karma. Karma taken in another sense also signifies duty and in this sense it tells us that life is all about doing your duty so that things are in balance. Like the quotes about being happy can inspire you about being happier, quotes about karma will also help you live better.



Quotes On Karma That Will Get You Thinking:



Sometimes Karma is simply the cloud that covers the sun as you are just starting to burn from it.

Karma is not about getting things right today, but it is an investment for the future.



The wheel of karma cannot hit any potholes so that you have a smoother life.

It does not matter whether you believe in Karma or not, the fact is that we all have to our duty so that life is fair to us.

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Why do people talk about Karma when something goes wrong? Karma is also about the good things in life.

If you want good karma then do your karma well.

Life is not about balancing karma but it can really help.

Karma is there to remind you that life will get you one way or another if you do the wrong thing.



When it rains on your parade, then thank Karma for not pelting you with lightning.

If you sow distrust, you cannot hope to reap the benefits of goodwill and faith.

You may get off the career wheel but be sure that the wheel of karma does not crush you.

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If you think life is all about what you can get, then Karma will teach you that it is also about what you give and that too in the right sense.

When it comes to pursuit of beauty in life, remember that duty will always come first and then only the rest.

You may not realize this, but the way you feel about others is a reflection of what you feel about yourself.

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A good life may not be rich in wealth but will be rich in the wealth of blessings that you collect.

The way life is made, there is always going to be payback, the only thing that you have to find out is whether it is willingly or unwillingly.

Karma is not something that you fiddle with unless you are ready for it to fiddle with you.

Life can be full of choices, think about karma and what will happen before making yours.

The right thing may not be easy but it is the better way to balance the wrongs of the past.

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A comforting hand and a kind thought can go a long way to right some of the wrongs you may have done.

If you are out looking for trouble, the likelihood of finding it goes up.



Most people speak of Karma as being a wheel, but sometimes it can be a boomerang.

When karma come calling there is no way to screen the call.

You need not consciously think of Karma when you do something, all you need to do is not be cruel and thoughtless when dealing with others.

One may not think of what one is doing when the going is good but thoughts do take turn when things go bad.



Learn to love and train your mind to be kind so that you get back what you have invested from the universe.

They say that in life you can only get as much as you have given from the bottom of your heart.

The foundation of your life cannot be based on the tears of another.



When you cry, your tears will be the bad karma that the person who caused them gets.

Sometimes we never stop to think about the consequences of what we are doing, but this does not mean that there are no implications.



Any greatness you have achieved in life will become a waste if you have not made at least some people happy on the way.

A smile given from the heart, is a good investment for your karma.

Mock not what you do not understand, for there are many who do not understand you at all.

Mockery and sarcasm aimed in a way as to hurt the other person is surely going to spoil your karma for the present and times to come.

Love when given freely must never be mocked even if it cannot always be returned.

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Think back on all those instances when the kindness of a stranger made you smile, and you will know that karma does exist and it is effective too.

Kindness when given freely and with no thought to the benefits, is sure to come back after multiplying.

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When you are sharing a joke with friends ensure that everyone is laughing from outside and within and there are no hidden tears.

If you do not believe in Karma, think of life as a balance sheet where assets and liabilities have to match.

Building good Karma becomes easy when you make kindness a habit.


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