40 Fascinating Examples of Food Art Works

Food, while considered a necessity of life has also been known to inspire a lot of creativity and many have talked about the art of cooking. It is true that food and especially the cooking of it is considered a practical art but nevertheless an art. But in this article, we are not going to just look at the taste aspects of food but at fascinating examples of food art works. Yes, this article will not just look at the taste aspect of food but also at the visual aspect of it. You have to look at the nuances of food art and how it works is a great way to make each meal a completely sensual experience that appeals at every level. They say that you should first eat with your eyes and also taste the delicate flavors of the food with the use of nostrils before actually eating it.

There is no doubt that the art of cooking and finding out how it helps in overcoming negative feelings goes beyond just the visual appeal but that making food look pretty, also helps. One of the fascinating examples of food art works can be seen in these most detailed cake art examples like never seen before. But it is not just about cake, but about other kinds of food too.

Fascinating Examples of Food Art Works

Fascinating fruit smoothies with a simple but complicated looking arrangement of fruits in the mason jar does not need as much skill as it does creativity.

If you have a steady hand with the knife, then by all means create a bird with the green apple and a flower with the red apple.

Fruits, nuts and baked goods with a bit of tweaking can create a very nice visual display.


Frozen cubes of different fruits can be very good to look at and will also be a good way to make your kids eat fruits.

Cake made to look like a log with a lot of animals in icing on them will take a lot of work not to mention skill and talent to do.

Marshmallow penguins are not that difficult to do and can look really interesting.

Spices and chillies along with some ceramic implements can make the whole arrangement look artistic indeed.

Making the fruits and vegetables on the plate look like a nice theme can be a good way to get everyone to eat it.

The pussy cat with extra with veggie decoration will delight and make for delicious eating too.

Feta cheese, kiwi and watermelon cubes arranged with mint on top with cherries on the side is something that nobody can resist looking at and eating.

Some seeds, slices of banana and orange is all you need to create a rainy view along with some grapes and greens.

Carved out watermelon with other decorations will take a lot of effort but it is a showstopper.

Simple mash with sauce, cream and asparagus tips can take a simple meal to the next level.

All you need is plenty of orange segments along with apple bits and slivers of beetroot.

Icecream cones and macaroon art with bits and pieces of fruit will have everyone stunned.

This too is about macaroons and a waffle cone but in a different way.

Cheese and ham sandwich with olive eyes looks lovely and appetizing.

Just create art with watermelon slices, rind and seeds.

Some cucumber slices, peanut butter and pretzel bits along with some kind of fruit can make a simple snack reach another level.

Icing on a donut can be made into quaint little animal figures.

Aubergine art can happen just for visual effect but it will need to be cooked to be eaten.

Small cereal animals take this art to another level.

Who would have thought strawberries and green apples could make such a nice visual with a bit of effort?

Chocolate spread, cream cheese, peanut butter and few sliced fruits like strawberries can make toast a special treat to look at and eat.

Chocolate mousse with chocolate flakes looking like mud with a sprig of mint makes it look like a potted plant but tastes like anything but.

Rice and shrimps are easy enough to convert to panda like food art.

Pancake bunnies anyone?

Toasted bagels are also another form of breakfast food that you can convert to art with a few slices of fruit and some kind bread spread.

Rice animals are always cute; don’t you agree?

Berries with fondant made to look like an octopus.

A fruit colored cockatoo; seems like an idea that was just waiting to be discovered. Right?

Cookie, cream and fruit slices to look like a hedgehog.

Cookies that look like they are from another planet with the help of colored icing and sprinkles.

Green and brown cookie turtles are such a simple but cute idea.

Chocolate balls and fruits with a lot of chocolate sauce is a treat for both the eyes and the tongue.

Use onions, beetroots, tomatoes and cheese to make a pretty salad that is awesome to eat and look at.

Decorate your cake with roses made of icing.

Citrus fruits sliced and arranged to look like a bunch of balloons.

A magical food unicorn that is full of flavor, tastes and nutrition.

A mickey and Minnie completely made of food. Who can resist a soup and main course made to look like whimsical characters?


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