Tolkien’s Character World; Too Many To Make A Choice From

Art can be inspired by anything including other forms of art and in this article, we will look at just something like that. If you are a big fan of the works of JRR Tolkien, then you will surely understand how the works of this book artist can inspire people to create art inspired by it. Tolkien has indeed managed to create a whole new world that seems so apt for all the characters that play a part in the story. There are hobbits, elves, orcs, and more. Each one of them had their own qualities and features and this can be very easy to convert to one art form of another. One may even go so far as to say that these will come under classic and modern pop art painting examples. Since the characters in the books are so well defined, it would definitely not be considered under cute simple drawings to practice but they will definitely challenge the artist within you. Tolkien’s character world that are too many to make a choice from can be endless and entertaining.

Before you launch full fledged into Tolkien’s character world with too many to make a choice from, we suggest that you start by doing some due diligence. Since the whole world we are talking about is fictional, it would make sense to take some lessons from the whimsical and wonderful world of Disney paintings.

Tolkien’s Character World; Too Many To Make A Choice From

We suggest that when you are starting on art from the Tolkien world, then you start with someone who is distinctive to draw and paint. For instance, Gollum would be fun to draw. The character is weird and has distinctive features that can be replicated. You will soon find that you are completely immersed in that world and drawn into reading the book which is descriptive and has the powers to transport you to another world entirely. The fact that the writer was descriptive and detailed enough to create not only an entire world but also a distinctive language.

You can even take bits and pieces from the story and try to visualize what it would look like especially as per your imagination. If you are into interpreting the Tolkien’s characters in your own way, then we suggest that you do not view the movie first. This way when you create a visual art form based on Tolkien’s character world, you can compare it with the movie makers have visualized this world. This way you can be sure that your art is original and not derivative.

But if the world of Tolkien overwhelms and you find inspiration for such art difficult to come by, then you could look up the visuals from the movie to create art works derived from the visualization of the movie maker. This way you know what the word pictures that the author painted finally turned out to be. We are by no means suggesting that you go with the same interpretation as the moviemaker but rather use what they have done as the base for your work of art.

Even if you are doing the art based on the visuals from the movies based on Tolkien’s written characters, there is no rule stating that you cannot add your own touch to it. For instance, you can take some inspiration from the renaissance art and give that kind of look to the art you create. You can play around with light and shadow or give the paintings you do a completely fictional and fantastic look.


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