30 Cool Art Projects For Every Age Group

An art project is something that most of us should attempt even if we don’t think of ourselves as particularly artistic because it is not only satisfying but also intensely therapeutic. The best part of having a list of cool art projects for every age group is that you will have something cool to look forward to that will be useful and decorative. And we are not talking about having to try your hand at different watercolor projects for interesting effects because doing this would require a lot of skill unlike the projects we are talking about. We are sure that you are thinking that DIY mixed media tree art projects will also fall under this category it is not true because the kind of stuff we are talking about involves working with your hands a lot.

Cool Art Projects For Every Age Group

In fact, the kind of cool art projects for every age group are more likely to fall under the category of anyone can backyard projects for this year.

Cool lamp out of an old tin and this will require a lot of tools that you cannot let kids work on at least without adult supervision.


The colorful candle project using Crayola can be something that can be done by slightly older kids but would still require a bit of adult supervision.

Cloud light is an art project that even smaller kids can work but again, not without an adult around.

Pins and strings can be a project that smaller kids can do along with teenagers.

Bottle toy tank vehicle is something that your teens would like to work on but again with a bit of adult involvement.

A chrysanthemum mirror can be done by kids alone as long as they take the necessary precautions.

Cardboard creature is an ideal project for kids to enjoy a kiddy party.

Kids are not allowed to play with matches but this is one project that allows them to play with matches with no harm done as long as you strike the matches and let them go off before you let them use it.


Twig coaster is an easy but slightly grownup project.

String bracelet art project is something teenage girls will love to work on.

Broken CDs is a project that is fun and entertaining for slightly grownup children to work on.

Flower monogram is easy and suitable for all ages.

A bird feeder works well for anybody into that kind of thing but if kids are involved it is best to involve an adult.

This poofy stool requires skill and tools to do so pick who will work on it accordingly.

Shapes is a good project for a student in middle school.

Coloring the earphone wires is something that any teenager would want to do make it look personal and cool.

Embroidery earphones can be done by kids and grownup equally.

Do it yourself galaxy in a jar is for kids and adults who still want to be kids.

Candle in a bottle is definitely for the adept and the agile.

Colored round art can also be done by anybody who can work on this easily.

Rock art to look like cacti is fun and creative and will suit kids very well.

Bohemian art of flower pots can be done by people of all ages and looks great.

Wine cork pendants should not be given to kids to do on their own and needs to be done by people who are good with their hands.

Lined hand art can be done by anybody and everybody.

Galaxy phone case will be something that all teenagers would want to work on.

Daisy crown is for kids of all ages.

DIY Tumblr notebook is for all the internet nerds.

Cool wall art can be done by anybody who is interested in this kind of thing.

Cups and cardboard phone holder is easy and fun to do.

Pipe pot holder is only for those who are skilled and confident about using tools to work on metal.


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