Draw Your Squad – 40 Examples

What does drawing your squad mean exactly? For those of you who are not aware of this fanart trend, this has the artist drawing several people in one drawing in various poses. The thing is that each of the people in the drawing would be a character either in a flamboyant pose or in a precarious situation. It is not only fun to do but it is also fun to look at as you discover something new every time you look at this kind of artwork. To do this, it goes without saying that you need to be creative and imaginative with a sense of humor but you also need to have some mastery over the art of drawing. While the drawing of the squad may not involve knowing such details knowing how to draw different female body types, but it does need you to have a sense of perspective and depth. The trend of drawing the squad usually starts with a photo of people posing in different positions.

Then the drawing takes on inspiration from this photo and then goes on to add details and different compositions to this picture and gives it a different perspective. While you are in the process of learning to draw your squad, you might as well get a grip on other fun things like ways to draw a giraffe like a cartoonist, which you can probably add to the drawing of your squad.  The squad has several elements but it is not too complicated except for getting the expressions right and is very different from difficult art forms like how to draw glass and transparent objects that require a lot of thought and effort.

Draw Your Squad

While this may simple enough to do in theory, you will find that having a starting point for drawing a squad can be a bit tricky. One of the simplest tips we can give you around this is to think of all those shenanigans that you got up to when you were a teenager. Most of us are aware that our lives as teenagers can be awkward and weird but it also involves getting into situations that are ridiculous. These ridiculous situations are the ones that will come to your rescue when you try to draw your squad.

Concentrate on what you did and what you felt when you were in that situation. This can also help you with the kind of caricatures you want to draw and will also help you get the expressions right. The faces need to have expressions that border on ridiculous and there should be no subtlety at all. But you also have to remember that the drawings cannot be too contrived or else they will lose all their charm.

Another factor that you should remember is that not all drawing of squads requires a lot of people and characters in it and in fact, can be composed of only two or three characters if that is what the squad requires. As you go through the examples of drawing the squad that we have given here, you will first look at them and grin or smile or shake your head in derision. But a deeper look will reveal a lot of things. To begin with, you will be struck by the expression of the people that are part of the squad. And then you will start noticing the connection that even seemingly unconnected members seem to have. Another interesting thing is that each of us who look at the same drawing of the squad will have a different perspective and understanding of what is being shown. It can be an interesting exercise to exchange views and discuss it.


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