How To Draw Different Female Body Types

Drawing is a basic skill that any artist would do well to learn how to do and most visual artists make it a point to pick up some tips on how to do it. The human form, especially the female form is seen as a work of art in itself. Learning how to draw the female body would require some knowledge of the different types of the female body in general. In this article, we will look at women’s body strictly from an artist’s point of view. Which is to say, the focus would be on the outline of a typical woman’s body shape based on a few factors like age and curves. Unlike learning how to draw doodles, step by step, this is a more structured approach that would be based on some assumptions. Some may see the drawing of a female body as something of a spiritual journey but it will differ from the way you see black and white mandala art drawings like you have never seen before.

We are sure that many artists spend a lot of time studying the way girls and women are shaped generally speaking but this can be a bit distracting. The fact is that we advise you to look at women from an artistic point of view to be able to draw their bodies well. While you are at it, also study awesome hair drawings for fashion and art too.

Let us look at the different female body types purely from the artistic point of view and for the details so that you can do a good job of it.

An average woman body type: An average woman has a body in which the shoulders and hips are the same in width with a waist that is defined pretty well. The shoulders are gently sloped and the ankles, wrists slender. The thighs are full and meet in the middle with the nipples placed in center area of the elbow and the shoulder.

A girl-woman in her teens: Women or girls in this age range tend to have a slightly awkward body shape as they are poised between girlhood and full grown womanhood. The hips are narrow and the chest flat with the curves of the hips not so well-defined.

Middle aged body of a woman: A woman at this age is more likely to have gone through the stages of childbirth changing the way her body looks. She is not as well shaped as she used to be with the nipples lower than it used to be before and the waist not so well-defined as it used to be. The shape tends to be more on the oval side than the hourglass it used to be.

Curvy woman body shape: This body shape has a better waist definition and also the breasts could be bigger. You can also draw out this body shape with fuller hips and thighs but still keeping the ankles and wrists slender. The curvy woman body shape can be drawn with a bit of exaggeration to the curves as this clearly defines it.

Fashion model body shape: If you have carefully looked at the shape of models from the point of view of drawing them, then you would know that they are tall and thin. This feature makes their arms and legs look longer. Their breasts are generally smaller and they should be drawn with defined collarbones and hipbones. Another feature that you should draw is the small gap between her thighs.

Plus sized body: The body shape tends to be more like a diamond with the waist being the widest part of the body. The breasts and thighs are also fuller with the nipple line being just above the elbow. The wrists and ankles can also be delicate but thickening as they go on. The face is also chubbier and the neck can look shorter as it is fatter.

Athletic body shape: This body type needs to be drawn with subtle muscle definition in the thigh and shoulder area as well as the arms and calf muscles. The waist is trim and the bosom area is often smaller. The thighs are well muscled and seem wider than the hip area.

Most women body types fall under one or a mix of more than one of these body types.


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