30 Art Therapy Exercises Which Improves You

We often see art as sensual, fascinating and even difficult, but that is not all. Art can be all these things and more; it can be therapeutic too. That is because art comes from the part of you that feels and does not think, which means it comes from emotions and can be a good way to express those. It therefore becomes important to remember that art not only pleases but also soothes. Many therapists have started seeing it this way and have started encouraging patients to express their angst and other negative emotions using art as a means to do so. Often the person taking up such kind of therapy is given a choice and is asked to take up the kind of art they want to do to get over the way they feel. Some people may prefer to learn more about the world of pottery and get beautiful art ideas around it.

Art Therapy Exercises

And if you are not into painting or pottery, you can learn all you need to know about wood whittling, which is another way to go.

Let us look at art therapy exercises you can take up:

Emotions: Sometimes your emotions can be a bit overwhelming to deal with and this needs to be expressed in one way or another. In such instances, art can be a good outlet and here are some things you can do:

Learn to express your emotions by painting
Make a wheel of emotions
Start meditative type of painting
Start a journal
Take a look at puppet therapy
Take up line art
Put together a postcard that you may never post
Make a sculpture representing your family
Create a valley and mountains
Write a message on balloons and let them go
Put all your childhood memories on a collage to form a heart

Relaxation: At such times when you wound up tight and need to relax but do not feel like exercising, art can help you unwind and come back to normal. Here are some things you can do to make this happen:

Listen to music and let it guide you to paint
Scribble out drawings without giving it a thought
Use your fingers to paint
Try and create a mandala
Try drawing with your eyes closed
Draw something really big to express all that you feel inside
Make use of colored blocks
Let your emotions take over
Use colors that soothe you so that every time you look at it, you smile
Draw out shapes in sand
Fill in color into a design
Create a Zentangle
Start drawing outdoors

Happiness: It is not always necessary that art be used to express negative emotions, but can also be a means to express positive feelings like happiness. Here are some art options to help you celebrate and make yourself feel even better:

Create a collage of what you think is a perfect day
Click pictures of what you consider beautiful enough to capture
Put together a collage of a quote that you liked
Make a collage that means freedom to you
Start documenting what feels like a spiritual experience
Create a stuffed animal

The list of art therapy excercises projects that you can take up can be as long or as short as you want depending on what you like and what you need. For instance, it can be very satisfying to see what figure is hiding in that block of soap. Or what your fingers and your mood guide you to do when you are given that lump of clay. There are so many lovely aspects of art just waiting to lift your mood and help you feel better about everything around.


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