Superbly Sensational Yet Simple Soap Bubble Art

We don’t know about kids today with all the devices that they have at hand, but there was a time in the past, when kids used to play with all sorts of things besides electronic devices. One of the treats that some of you may remember from device-free childhood is the pleasure of blowing bubbles. The way the bubbles would form, full of all colors of the rainbow, swirl around in the air, some would be hardy enough to land without breaking, some that would break and some that would not only break but break on your face leaving you with soapy liquid on your face. It was fun to look at the world through the bubbles. If you have not guessed it by now, let us tell you that we are going to be talking about superbly sensation but simple soap bubble art that will have you positively bubbling with joy. The colors that swirl through bubbles have been likened to the kind of swirls that we can see in DIY fabric marbling and this comparison is not entirely baseless.






We know as grownups we tend to seek out bubbles when we look at ways to use candles in bathroom for special nights, which is to create a fragrant and soothing bubble bath. But here that is not what we will be focusing on. We feel that this article will reintroduce you and hopefully the young ones in your family to the joy of making soap bubbles for fun as well as art. You can in fact, include the soap bubble art idea in the real I am bored jar ideas when you need interesting ideas to keep the people at home (young ones included) occupied.






If you are wondering how to go about doing bubble art, then we have to tell you that there are too many ways to count. For instance, you could create bubbles that have a bit of a staying power and use these for photography but as seen through the bubbles. Some artists have frozen bubbles to create amazing visuals. For some, it is a matter of clicking the iridescent colors of the bubbles from a really close quarters to show off their lovely color mix. Some people prefer to draw and paint the complex three-dimensional bubble with all the reflections and deflection of light it has.





But for this article, we will give you some simple ideas for soap bubble art:

Method 1: Mix paint with water and a bit of liquid soap used for washing up. Use a straw or similar device to dip into the solution and blow a lot of bubbles. Then take a piece of paper and place it on top of the bubbles gently to create an impression of the bubbles on to the paper and remove it and let it dry.






Method 2: You can mix the solution as usual with plenty of colors and soap solution and have kids blow the bubbles asking them to aim on a particular piece of paper. The bubble would burst and leave traces of color on the paper. But note, that this is a messy way to do it and needs to be planned out well. But when done well, the result would be a lot of splotches and dribbles that would make a nice work of art.






Method 3: This method uses a sponge dipped into the paint and soap mix after stirring it to create small bubbles. The soaked sponge, would be placed on a surface and then removed. A piece of paper would be placed on top of the soap and bubble residue on the surface to create a different version of soap bubble art. You can smudge the paper a bit to create interesting designs if that is what you want.


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