Weave Your Own Kind Of Magic With Mythical Animal Art

Magic, mythology and a fascinatingly mysterious land is full of creatures that we have only heard about and imagined. There is a chance that you may have wondered how these creatures of mythology would look and made do with the illustrations in storybooks. But have you ever thought about using these mythical animals to create art? If other artists and illustrators can use their imagination to come up with their own versions of magical and mythical animals, then why can’t you? We are sure the more you will think about it, the more this will appeal to you. The best part is that you can use any medium you want to, to create these mythical animals. If you have seen gorgeous glass animals that will make you want to collect some, then you will know that this too is a good medium, though one that is technically a bit more difficult to master if you are not too used to glass work.







Alternatively, if you are into simpler forms of art using simple everyday materials, then you can get into a project like preparing pretty paper animals for learning and decoration purposes but only in this case they will be mythical creatures instead of real ones. You can also explore the world of ceramic animals to create mythological animals though this too could be a difficult medium to use since there is the need to fire the figurines and glace them to get that finish that you want. Of course, you can always resort to paints and brush to paint mythical animals as per your imagination.







By definition, mythical animals are those that appear in myths and could consist of both real animals that have played a huge role in the storyline or animal species that seem to exist only in myths. Take the unicorn for instance, you have read about references about this creature in books like the Harry Potter series or the Fablehaven series to name just a few. This creature is supposed to be noble, fierce and full of magical qualities. Or take the dragon for instance that is considered so divine in so many cultures and which plays a huge role in many stories. You may not have had the fortune to come lay eyes on a dragon, but we sure have seen a lot of images of it created by illustrators.







The list of such mythical animals goes on, which means you have plenty of choices when it comes to art involving mythical art. And this before we have even explored the kind of animals (which are mostly real or at least existent in the real world) that are heroes in stories. For instance, Bambi the deer or the lions in Lion King, etc., the list of such animal characters can go on. In fact, if anything the choices when it comes to the subject of your mythical art may be too varied and thereby confusing.







Do make it a point to start your foray into the world of mythical animals with a firm subject or choice in mind. If you don’t do this, there is a good chance that you may get confused or distracted and end up with a work of art that does not have a definite subject. As usual we leave you with plenty of images to provide you with food for thought. Do look at the options and make a clear choice of your favorites in order to ensure that you can get started on your own mythical art project. The point of this artwork is to inculcate your own standpoint into it, so do ensure that it is unique and one of a kind.


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