Gorgeous Glass Animals That Will Make You Want To Collect Some

Art is an inexhaustible subject, one that expands to encompass newer concepts and ideas. Which is why it is not at all surprising to know that even gorgeous glass animals are a part of the pretty art world. Yes, glass has been a part of the art world with some remarkable examples of stained glass art over the ages apart from the more mundane uses it has been put to. The thing is while glass has been seen as part of our lives in the utensils that you use that are made of glass or the way windows have a pane of glass, it is not at all beyond the realm of imagination to see glass as a collectible item when you see these gorgeous glass animals.

glass animals 1

glass animals 3

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You just have to look at the amazing art works created by blowing glass to know that glass is both mundane and extraordinary. On the one hand you have the humble glass for drinking water and on the other you have gleaming and glowing but delicate glass sculptures.

glass animals 10

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A hobby of collecting glass figurines especially those of animals and birds can be a very addictive one. You will find that gorgeous glass animal figures can be available in a huge range of prices starting from a lower range to a higher range depending on the workmanship and the exclusivity of the pieces that you are collecting. You will find that the pieces that are mass produced in factories cost less but they also lack exclusivity as it is easy enough to walk into a good shop and buy them. having said that, you have to know that these glass animals will still cost a little but they are so fascinating that you will  want to collect them.

glass animals 15

glass animals 16

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glass animals 18

glass animals 19

While many glass figurines try to replicate the reality of the animal or bird that it is trying to emulate, some of them are whimsical versions of the animal or bird in question. Take for instance, the inquisitive glance that a pigeon has it bobs its head up and down and this can be exaggerated in a glass representation. Or the wise visage of an owl that seems to be accentuated by the way it holds its head can be shown in the glass images.

glass animals 20

glass animals 21

glass animals 22

glass animals 24

glass animals 25

In some instances, the glass is colored by including a color element when the glass is in liquid form and then made into figurines that represent animals and birds. In some instances the complete figurine is made of transparent glass and then colored liquid is poured into the hollow glass to make it look colored from outside. If you have noticed the images of the glass figurines of animals and birds, some of them are simple enough, they have less texture on the surface and are composed of one color though the shape will still have to be correct for you to be able to identify them.

glass animals 26

glass animals 27

glass animals 28

glass animals 29

Some glass figurines of animals and birds almost look as if the animal or bird is in the process of doing something like taking off or moving around and the artist tends to capture this in the figurine. Not all figurines are realistic representations and can have some fancy features like being transparent but showing other objects inside. But before you rush out to go and buy some glass animal art of your own, we have to tell you something. This can be an expensive hobby to have, the cleaning and maintenance required can be extensive and you will need to be careful in the handling of your collection.


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