Daring And Darling Designing Honeycomb Jewelry

Sometimes, we just sit and wonder how art would have progressed without nature to inspire and influence it. While we are very much aware that it is a moot point given that without nature, we as humans would not be in existence but it is a thought that is worth thinking about since art does draw a lot from nature. Even something as frivolous (as some would think of it) as fashion draws inspiration from nature not to mention the materials. The thing is that the designing of jewelry which is an art does get inspired a lot of by nature. If you do not believe us, then all you need to do is look at honeycomb jewelry. What is honeycomb jewelry, you ask? Honeycomb jewelry is exactly what it sounds like – jewelry that emulates the intriguing design of the honeycomb. One has to wonder at what Mother Nature was thinking of when she came up with the honeycomb design. The lovely hexagonal designs that sit snugly on each other with some of them empty and some full is a work of nature that has been done without the use of rulers and tools but those that still look so perfect and symmetrical. It is enough to want to you to get it done in the form of silver jewelry designs to keep you enthralled.

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The materials used for honeycomb jewelry can be similar to the materials used for stained glass art and jewelry ideas or any of the precious materials that can be moulded to this shape. You will find that the honeycomb motif will work so well as pretty and pleasing pendant designs to make you drool that others will look on with envy for not thinking of this design before you did. Just think about it, the form that the honeycomb design takes on is a natural setting for fitting in semi precious stones or even filling with amber to make it look like the real honeycomb.

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Though the honeycomb has an unusual pattern not being in completely symmetry, it shows an amazing beauty that is pleasing and balanced enough to make any piece of jewelry that you wear of this design look good. And if symmetry is what you are looking for in your jewelry designs while still keeping this honeycomb pattern in mind, you can still make it happen. You can actually have a perfectly circular pendant for instance, with the hexagonal design of the honeycomb inculcated in it. If you want, you can further enhance this design with the addition of a few colored stones in odd sections to make the honeycomb design come alive.

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In fact, if you want to pay homage to mother nature for coming up with this lovely and awesome design, you can actually add a bee or two to the honeycomb to make it look more authentic. The use of black onyx or even a mix of amber and onyx comes to mind when you think of adding this element to make it look authentic and genuine. The design possibilities are infinite and almost every type of jewelry can be made with this motif in the center of it.

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Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings or for that matter any piece of jewelry can be designed using this motif as it is easy enough to size and design.

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We are sure even the creation of handmade jewelry projects can inculcate this design as long as you are able to master the basic structure of the honeycomb, though this can be a complicated one to master.


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