Complicated Yet So Simple Twig Art To Tantalize You

The world around us is beautiful and bountiful enough to keep us happy and inspired and this is a fact that is proven to us on a daily basis. Not only does the world offer us a place to live and nature means to sustain and nourish our bodies in a physical way, it also offers us the gift of beauty in the form of inspiring ideas for art. Yes, we are once again on the often repeated maxim that there is nothing more inspiring than nature for artists. The reason that we are reiterating this is because it is true and it is on a daily basis that we discover how true it continues to be. In this article we are going to be looking at art or crafts using twigs. Twigs, you ask? Yes, twigs are pretty enough on their own but they can also inspire impressive and creative works of art. And we are not just talking about simple stuff like dipping pretty twigs in gold paint and arranging them in a vase, though that too is not a bad idea at all. If you want to really liken twig art to something, then you could liken it to beautiful and magical sea shell craft ideas.

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There are also perfect plastic bottle crafts if you really want to look at something in the opposite of the natural spectrum for comparison in a different way. Using twigs is a good way to inspire craft ideas that kids can use to make homemade gifts. The thing is that art using twigs can be your own way of ensuring that you do not let them go waste as well as using them to beautify your home. When it comes ideas of how to go about making twig art, we are sure that many ideas may have already occurred to you since we are on the subject already. But if you are looking for inspiring ideas, we are sure that the images given here could kindle a few ideas for you to try. The fact is twigs are such simple raw material that you can simply stick them together to make the rays of the sun on a round frame. Or create a rough hand hewn frame entirely of twigs within which you can place beloved photographs. If you want you can create a tree like structure on your wall using twigs that makes it look as if you literally have a tree on your walls.

twig art 9

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You can also put together a collage of twigs that you can neatly frame and use as a wall decoration. If you want to indulge your ethnic roots, then you can have a collection of twigs that are painted by you with the main motifs that symbolize your roots. This not only can serve as a decoration but can also be used as an educational tool to teach young ones in the family about their roots. If you are feeling really adventurous and want to sink your creative fangs into something substantial, then you can create a wooden frame and fill it up with a network of twigs.

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twig art 24
You can also simply club and tie twigs to form a frame for something as mundane as a penholder with a difference. Working with twigs can require you to master some basic techniques of tying them securely with ropes and strings as well as nailing and gluing them down. Once you get these skills in hand, you can keep creating many different pieces of art using twigs. Do tell us if you have tried any of the ideas that we have given here.


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