Surprisingly Curious And Interesting Cloud Photography

The art of photography has somehow lost its shine today due to the easy availability of cameras in all our phones as opposed to the past when a camera had to be separately purchased and a good quality camera would definitely be expensive. Having said that, you have to know that a getting a good photo goes beyond the mere ownership of a good quality camera; it requires an understanding of light, shadows, perspective and that certain indefinable quality that cannot be quantified. Ask any photograph worth her salt will tell you that a good photograph involving natural element goes beyond all these factors and requires a lot of skill. You just have to look at macro photography making miniatures look mega to know that this had to be done by a person who has a unique outlook and with imagination beyond the ordinary not to mention a good grasp of the techniques and knowledge of photography. That is why when we talk of cloud photography, you can imagine all the skills, imagination, creativity and technical know how you will need to do a good job of this.

cloud photography 1

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Take for instance fabulous full moon photography to keep you fascinated and the more you look at it, the more you will realize how hard the photographers have worked to get such lovely pictures. If you are still not convinced, all you need to do is look at earth shattering ethereal earth photography to keep you fascinated. The thing about clicking pictures of natural elements like clouds is that it involves the clicking of images that are ever changing and evolving.

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We are sure that as a child, you must have spent a few moments studying the clouds and how they seem to keep changing shape. In fact, there have been instances, when we have come up with stories around the shapes into which the clouds form into. At that point of our lives, we often spent time speculating what the shape of a cloud meant. The thing is at that point of our lives, we may not have been aware of the fact that clouds are studied and they do have different categories too based on their form and formulation.

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But those who are into photographing clouds may not necessarily be interested in the study of clouds from the scientific point of view but may look at it from the point of view of what makes interesting images. When you look at the images we have presented here, you will notice that some of these clouds, then you will realize that some of them have been captured on the basis of the way light wraps around these clouds. In some cases, the clouds seem to have formed interesting patterns and look almost as if they have human faces in them.

cloud photography 18

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cloud photography 22

In some cases, you can see that the cloud has mushroomed into a formation that look ominous as if it is a portent for the end of the world. And if you are anything like Sheldon from the series Big Bang Theory, then you would click a picture of a cloud because you are paranoid about it suspiciously following you around to spy on you. But jokes aside, you will realize that cloud photography can be absorbing and addictive as clouds offer you plenty of challenges when it comes to clicking them. You will first of all have to figure out what it takes to click something so vast in the confines of your camera.

cloud photography 23

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We are sure that you will be eager to get started on cloud photography once you have seen the images we have given here.


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