Bewitching, Beautiful And Bountiful Botanical Art

We have often said time and again, that mother nature is the best artist in the whole world and we are sure that most of you would agree with us. Not only is mother nature a great artist, but she is also a great source of inspiration. That is why you have an art form that is called botanical art where plants and other such vegetation is depicted in art form. It could definitely be counted among nature inspired works of art that will make you smile and we are sure that you will soon be hunting art supplies to start doing some botanical art of your own. The thing about nature is that you not only want to replicate what you see but you also want to add a few touches of your own.

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Take for instance, beautiful bird house designs you will fall in love with – in such art forms you are definitely adding to the immense beauty of nature. Or truly tantalizing and inspiring tree art that takes the loveliness of trees and makes it even better if that is possible.

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Ranging from the simplest educational tool to the most detailed and delicate rendering, botanical art does include a huge range. No matter what form the botanical art takes, it is heartening to see that plants, and other similar forms of nature are being honored in such a manner. In fact, when you think of it, botanical art is also a way to make you aware of the vegetation and plant life of regions that you have never visited. It is very difficult for a person residing a cold region to envisage the fruits, vegetables, plants and other greenery that are part of a tropical area and vice versa.

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While we are talking about the informational and educational value that botanical art has to offer, it is not to say that they do not have aesthetic or artistic value. In fact, they also double as decorative pieces adding to their intrinsic value. That is why many artists have chosen to utilize their skills and creativity in the creation of botanical art. But when it comes to art, artists and their creativity, we cannot always expect realistic representations of the plant life as it is. In some instances, the way the artist renders the botanical object could be somewhat on the fanciful side but this in no way takes away the charm or value of the botanical art.

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The world of vegetation is such a rich treasure trove of colors, textures, shapes and varieties that an artist can never run out of subjects to use when it comes to their botanical art. That is part of the beauty of this kind of art and if we add to the artist’s creativity and different ways of looking at the botany subjects, then you have infinite possibilities opening up for the artists to work on. It all depends on why the artist is into botanical art.

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Is it for educational and information purposes? Or is it for decorative purposes only? Or is it out of purely aesthetic motivations? Since we are talking about art and artists, it could also be interpretative art. We leave it to you to look at all the examples of botanical art that we have given here along with this article and glean what you like the best. Some of the botanical art has actually found its place in the culinary world as illustrations in cookbooks having recipes.

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Do tell us which are the forms of botanical art that you find so appealing. We would love to hear from you.


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