Truly Tantalizing And Inspiring Tree Art

We have always stood by the words that Mother Nature is an artist to beat all artists but here contributions to art do not end there. She not only does good work, but she also inspires others to take a page from her book and create lovely art. That is why it should not surprise you too much to know that there is an art form (one of the many that do) that draws its inspiration from her work and that it is called tree art. While this is completely different from other tree based art forms like Christmas tree decorating ideas, it could be inspired from these art forms. By definition, tree art would have the tree as its central theme. It can be part of the art or trees could be done in many ways to represent other things in tree art. It could show as if the tree has a face and there are expressions being painted on them to express what the artist feels.

tree art 1                                                            Art Source: Amie Murray

tree art 2

tree art 3

tree art 4

While another form of art, which is that of beautiful tree house ideas that are designed to be on the tree, this form of tree art can be different. Tree art need not always be pretty or thoughtful but can also be cheeky and funny. Like for instance drawing a face in such a way that the foliage of the tree looks like the hair of the person whose face has been drawn. We know that trees are part of the art of creating dreamy backyard escape ideas for your home, but the scope of tree art is more than that.

tree art 5

tree art 6

tree art 8

tree art 9

If you look at the examples of tree art that are shown here, you will realize that some trees have images on them that almost look happenstance. But when you sit down to think of it, imagine the amount of effort and creativity that would have gone into it. Just  think back to the images that are shown on social media where a very stunning picture is shown and you are asked to identify the different faces  or objects that are in the picture. We are talking about the kind of tree art too.

tree art 10

tree art 11

tree art 12

tree art 13

Some people who work on tree art, make it very obvious as to what they want to depict. Like for instance, a tree that is devoid of foliage and the trunk of the tree along with the branches made to look like a couple in a passionate embrace. There are some artists who have depicted skyscraper buildings that look like a jungle with trees in the lower portion but look like buildings on top. Some artists have even taken on wires that they have wrapped around bits of semiprecious stones to form a tree. This sort of tree is also seen as a good talisman in some cultures.

tree art 14

tree art 15

tree art 18

tree art 19

We all have realized that art comes from a mysterious part of our brains where simple daily images that may seem mundane to us take on a form that could be surprising in some cases and in some cases very obvious. But no matter how a tree is represented will depend on how the artist perceives the tree and the way it looks to him or her.

tree art 20

tree art 21

tree art 22

tree art 23

It is interesting to see that some artists see trees as lush and green or even colorful but others view it as barren and ominous. Again as we said that  it is impossible to see how the creative mind of the artist will work and how they will perceive things.

tree art 25

tree art 26

tree art 27

tree art 28

We want you to look at all the images we have given here and tell us which are the images that move you the most.


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