Look At The Play Of Colors In Fauvism Art And Make It Your Favorite

The world of art in its infinite capacity and ability to take on new concepts offers something to each of us no matter how varied our tastes may be. That is why while there is room for soft pastels on one side, there is also scope for disturbing and dark art that is a manifestation of your darker side. There are ink painting ideas for inspiration that will have you rushing out to buy different types of ink in a varied color palette. You can see the joy of using colors, which is what defines the basis of Fauvism. The colors used in the paintings are not natural but it is used to express emotions and the moods in the paintings without making it too obvious. The thing about painting as an art is that there are many mediums that can be used like hot wax painting ideas for learners.

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While we are on the subject of different methods of painting, you should also learn all about impasto paintings that prescribes the plentiful use of colors not only for the hues they create but also for the textures they can create.

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If you look at the origins of Fauvism, then you will realize that it was quite popular but did not have a long run when compared to other schools of painting. This way of pointing used very bold strokes and bright colors in order to express the emotions that the artist wanted to express. You will realize that when you look at this form of art that the strokes that are used and the colors will draw your eyes on to what lies on the surface of the painting and what lies beneath. This form of art has been likened to being animalistic by an art critic and this name and description stuck.

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It is believed that Fauvism drew some inspiration from African sculpture and art. One would be likely to believe this when they look at the way the faces are painted and the expressions on their face. The thing that will strike you most about examples of fauvism paintings is that though they are highly impactful in their appearance, have a simple and almost basic subject. It is probably this contrast that makes this kind of art so interesting to look at. In the past, when these paintings were shown to the public, it was believed that this was a travesty of what was considered proper art at that time.

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However, one of the leading artists of the time Matisse being able to sell one of his paintings for a big sum of money gave this form of art a lift. We have always maintained that art is not about whether it is a good investment or not though some do consider art that. However, what art is to put in simplistic terms is something that moves you. In some instances, some forms of art, can also make you feel negative and dark rather than full of light and joy but it is still considered worthy art.

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Art is in most instances something that comes from an instinctive part of an artist’s psyche and the more power it has to move you, the better it is considered. Tell us, do you find Fauvism appealing? If yes, then in what way does it appeal you? Is it the use of colors or the bold paint strokes? Or is it the simple subjects? Or is it the contrast of complex colors with the simple subject? Do share your thoughts on this with us.


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