Captivating Cubism Art That Will Have You Gasping With Delight

If you are into painting or even the visual arts in any way, then you are sure to know a bit about cubism. Even if you do not know much about cubism, you could venture a guess and say that cubism involves painting that uses geometric shapes and you would not be wrong. Cubism is an art movement that involved the painting of various familiar subjects depicting it from various points of view using geometric shapes. It was something that came about when Pablo Picasso started using this form of painting to make his profound and impactful paintings. It is not comparable to beautiful and soft impressionism but it does have a stark and interesting beauty all its own. It can be said that cubism can be somewhat abstract and you could include it in your eye catching abstract painting ideas for you to try.

cubism art 1

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If you are really interested in finding out more about painting styles in general, it would be good for you to explore the many styles of painting and know more about them. The thing is that even if a particular style of painting is not up to your personal choice, you cannot deny the beauty and charm that it holds. Often it has been seen that people who are into art like paintings show a leaning towards a particular school of thought depending on their mood. For example, someone in the throes of first love would be more inclined towards surrealism, as the world seems brighter and better it is to their eyes.

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Cubism is a style of painting that could probably appeal to someone who is likely to be drawn more towards something that is not obvious. But while there are other styles of painting that are subtle, the difference is that cubism is about angles and shapes that are more every day when viewed as parts. But when you look at it from the holistic point of view, it depicts something else. The sum and the parts tell a story each and also show a story when taken together.

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This form of painting often strives to show the object of the painting from split moods and points of view. Cubism can be sometimes a bit difficult to understand and will need a bit of focus and concentration to get it right. It is not art that hits you directly at least at first. Though once a person is into cubism and appreciates what it is trying to say, then figuring out the whole object of the painting as well as the parts becomes easier.

cubism art 15

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It can take something as simple as a guitar and make it look very different and interesting but without compromising the integrity of the object. Even something as innocent and cute as a teddy bear can be shown with a different point of view and composed of geometrical shapes that will have you wondering what the artist was thinking when he or she painted this one. While in some paintings of the cubist style, the object that is painted would be quite simple to figure out but in others it will take some work.

cubism art 20

cubism art 21

cubism art 22

Sometimes, when you look at cubism, then  you realize that the parts make the whole but it is not always a neat arrangement as is depicted in more realistic paintings. There  is a special type of talent and mindset not to mention creative thinking to paint captivating cubism art.

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We are sure that you will also find cubism art and paintings captivating once you get a grip of the idea behind it.


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