Paper Cut Out Art – Using Paper To Create Sculpture Like Effect

Paper in spite of its mundane and daily uses has surprisingly played a large role in the world of art whether in the form of paper quilling or Origami, the art of folding paper artistically. Paper has that indefinable quality that somehow seems to inspire people to reach out to their inner artists and make lovely things out of them. There is the simple but sensational art of making and decorating with paper lanterns that has a lot of cultures reaching out for colored paper. We are going to take you through the world of cutting paper or making paper cut outs to create some sort of sculpture like effect. While it is not exactly easy, it is also something that a person who is not too adept at art can also do.

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There is the exciting world of hand cut paper art that will probably inspire you to dive deeper in order to come up with concepts of your own using paper cut outs. In fact, since paper is such a ubiquitous material that is easy to handle, you even have paper house projects for kids to do that will keep them busy for quite a while.

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Here Are Some Simple But Amazing Paper Cut Out Art Projects That You Can Try Without Going To Too Much Effort:

Contrast: You can stick a dark colored paper on to a lighter colored paper or the reverse and cut out a silhouette or a drawing that you want from the top layer. Alternately, you can actually cut out the top layer figure that you want to display and stick it on a plainer paper. This can be further enhanced by adding some splashes of color to the cutout area.

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Art work: You can also create a proper picture that has more of a three dimensional look by cutting out different colored papers in various shapes and sticking them on to a plain background. For instance, you can create trees, flowers, and other elements of nature to create a piece of art that can have an extra dimension even if it is a very simple one. You will find that you can interest kids in art by having them take part in such projects.

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Lace work: You can simply fold a piece of paper into half and then into quarters and cut simple patterns with a scissor to create a nice pattern. One cut can result in four equal cuts because of the folded paper and this makes a more complex design than it should when you cut paper. This can create a lace like pattern that can be inserted into various works of art for good effect.

paper cutout art 19

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Add more: If you have a simple work of art like a photograph but you want to add another new dimension to it, then paper cut outs would be a good idea. For instance, you can take a simple photograph of a particular place indicating a landmark, then you can do so using a paper cut out.

paper cutout art 23

paper cutout art 24

Light it: There is another way of using paper cut outs and this is by placing a candle in the middle of the cut out. This makes the light fall out through the cuts in the paper and creates a new kind of shadow art that is quite unexpected.

paper cutout art 25

paper cutout art 26

Illustrations: If you are getting your child involved in a particular story, then adding paper cut illustrations of the story can be a good idea to make it more interesting. We are sure that you have come across such storybooks but in this case, you and your kids could do this together.


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